Better Appreciation for God

Better Appreciation for God

Dear Wisdom,

Please give us a better appreciation for God, the maker of the universe.

“You have made the moon to mark the season; the sun knows it’s time for setting. Psalm 104:19

Our finite minds try to dwell on the infinite. God has no beginning and no ending in time or space. That is impossible for us to contemplate. Yet we find more awe and respect for God as we try to embrace these notions of the greatness of God. Please expand on our understanding of God for the purpose of true worship and respect of the Most High. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


To appreciate God is to value all aspects of life. Take nothing for granted.

Be in awe and wonderment of the little details of life. If one brushes their teeth, think of all the steps involved in completing that task. How many movements does it take that are performed without even thinking?  Most think about another detail of the day that is to take place. The act of brushing one’s teeth is so automatic, some can’t remember brushing the teeth at all.

This is one of thousands of movements done automatically a day. Most spend their life contemplating on what they don’t have.

When one’s attention is focused on what they do not have, all the universe hears is, “ I don’t have.” The universe generates more of the signal you are sending. A certain vibration is signaled and creates more of the same vibration. One is co-creating with God. It is creating what you don’t want.

*To feel appreciation, choose to contemplate joy rather than lack.

Feel gratitude for life, instead of complaining.

How often do people look in the mirror and focus on what they consider a fault?

Flood the mind with appreciation. When one has this attitude, they are appreciating God. Most don’t think it’s complaining when lack is focused on.

*See how life improves when the mindset is on the blessings of life instead of why life isn’t fair. The truth is the vibration you are signaling will be what the universe uses for creating your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if the dreams wishing for could come true with the vibration that is being sent?

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little telegraph.

A telegraph was used to send messages across country. A vibration is used to telegraph desires to God.

*Telegraph what you want, not what you fear won’t come true.

Co-create with God for dreams to become reality.