Righteous Turn to Trickery

Righteous Turn to Trickery

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to find value in the Tao te Ching excerpt: “ Today the righteous turn to trickery. Tomorrow the good turned to darkness. Oh what delusion abounds and every day it grows worse.” Verse 58

We see America the prosperous has become a land of looters and greed. Those who have want more. Those who have not seem to be pushed to the back of the bus. Many people want something for nothing. The government grows like a cancer in size and invasiveness. Does this 2000-year-old passage apply to our American situation in 2013 or all times? Please translate this passage for improvement in our lives. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


What the verse is referring to is the loss of God’s light in the hearts in much of mankind. When America was founded by the forefathers and became a prosperous nation, the core belief was God based. Man based his wealth on gifts from God. The Most High was the center of life.  “Love your neighbor as yourself” was not a “sucker’s belief”. Doctors used to treat many of their patients for free or a barter system receiving a chicken or eggs instead of cash. It was just expected of their profession. Doctors were respected and trusted.

People were not embarrassed to talk about God or spend time in worship. In today’s world, God has slowly been removed from the government and being “politically correct” is more important. Groups have tried to remove anything representing God, like the 10 Commandments removed from the government. Greed has taken over and money has become the god to many in power.

As money starts controlling lives and the rules of the land are based on greed, God is rejected. Those that claim God as the rightful leader of the land are ridiculed. There are many people of the land who still put their faith in God, but those in power shun Jesus’ two Commandments:

Love God.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Like the parable of building a house on sand or rock, Americana was founded on rock but he eroded to sand. America will have to reinvent itself based on It’s Creator.

People with greed in their heart will want to keep money in charge but that is not possible. The disease will finally eat the host.

Those that have God as the foundation, will have solid ground to base their life. If one were to look back over the building of empires, history does repeat itself. Earth is a classroom for the souls. Grades are repeated for new students and those that need to take the class over. All of the empires failed. All tried to erase God from being the head of the country. When countries are convinced ego should be in control, they will fail.

If one realizes from the soul outlook, this is just a learning phase of the contrast without God, you never have to join this illusion of being without God. No one can take God away from one’s heart. God is even in between the spaces of air.

*Build one’s foundation on the Source of life and reality will be based on truth rather than an illusion.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little pillar.

Pillars are used to support buildings. When foundation is used, pillars are part of the structure for support.

Let God be your pillar. Place it in reality and your support will last for eternity.

*Let God be the pillar of your strength.