What is Compassion?

What is Compassion?

Dear Wisdom,

In the book, “My Stroke of Insight”, Dr. Taylor tells us about her rebuilding of her right brain after her devastating stroke. She says: “If I had to pick one output word for my right mind, I would have to choose “compassion.” (p.180)

What is compassion? Why is it so missing in our ego driven society where too many people ask, “What about me?” How can we develop our compassion? Is there a point where compassion makes one become a “bleeding heart” where they feel too much pain from the world’s suffering masses and become nonfunctional? Thank YOU for a better understanding of the role of compassion in our lives!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Being compassionate does not make one a “bleeding heart”. Compassion goes beyond this definition.  Most “bleeding hearts” only have one viewpoint and do not see the whole picture. To be the level of compassion Dr. Taylor refers to, one is working from the soul platform. This level of the emotion goes beyond the ego and self glory.

*Compassion at this vibration range explorers a different avenue of God’s love. The ego claims this emotion is for “suckers” and one deserves to be a “loser” if they become a “doormat”. When the ego starts criticizing the human, it is trying to derail the person from following a path that leads closer to the truth.

*To develop more compassion, a person understands all want what they do-to be loved unconditionally.

When a baby is born, part of the soul’s contract is to not remember this deep love the soul is aware of that generates from the Most High God. Most individuals work solely in the 3rd dimension where ego is the important player in life’s drama. One exercise to move closer to compassion would be to observe a situation from all sides. Most never budge from their myopic point of view. Know everyone believes they are right.  This is surface reasoning.

*When one digs deeper, the true desire is unlocking the door to God’s love, which is right inside of each person.

One develops compassion when they fully understand the bizarre ways beliefs are formed to try and find this love. Work on being more flexible with “pet” opinions. One cannot find compassion when they are adamant about a favorite belief. Find the good in situations. The answer might be the road you are on is the only way for a person to find God. Sometimes whole societies need to experience the denser energy to realize what they are missing. Try for a day to observe beliefs that are inflexible and practice viewing the concern from different outlooks.

*To be more compassionate, one becomes less rigid.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little handkerchief.

Some people carry in their pocket a handkerchief or tissue to take care of their nose and eyes. If one has emotion that is felt deeply, they can cry and have a runny nose.

Tears are usually a form of healing. One who blocks their tears can become emotionally constipated. Allow tears to fall like gentle spring rains or summer cloudburst. Tears are from God. One never needs to be ashamed of tears or thinking it is a sign of losing control.  Share the moment with God. The Divine Lord has an awfully big shoulder.