Maintain a Sense of Enthusiasm

Maintain a sense of enthusiasm

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to develop and maintain a sense of enthusiasm throughout our days.

“Do not lag in zeal, the ardent in spirit, serve the Lord.” Romans 12:11

We read that the root of the word “ enthusiasm” is “ God within”. This sounds good.

Yet, throughout the days of the routine, and depressing news, and ever changing economical and political environment, it becomes difficult to whip ourselves into a state of enthusiasm. Please help.

Thank YOU!

   Care to comment, Wisdom?


When one looks outside of the self to sustain enthusiasm, they will become disappointed.  Emotions can change in a heartbeat. Someone says a critical comment that is untrue and the person is crushed. Over and over again they replay the negative thought building more energy until a slight depression settles into the mind. Life appears duller. Soon the mind is focused on the negative and they become cynical. Someone else surprises them with an act of kindness. The emotions shift.  Life becomes a roller coaster. One has no control on what other people think, say or do.

*When happiness is controlled from the outside, you become a reactor to life.

*If one wishes for sustained enthusiasm, the power comes from within.

Enthusiasm is sustained when a person calls on the Christ Within or whatever name denotes the Spark of Divinity that is waiting patiently for the human’s acknowledgment. Being grounded in the soil of the Creator gives stability and strength. When a problem is presented, the mind will either become part of the problem by creating more negative energy or become part of the solution with healing energy. A person does not realize the amount of energy that is created with sustained emotional thoughts.

First, become aware of the true reality, which is just the facts of life. Choosing the emotional fuel to add life to reality is one’s free will. Which point of view will be used to experience life’s facts?

*If searching the answer from within, one remains in joy.

*If seeking answers outside of self, there is no control.

Enthusiasm remains an inside job.

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

             You are welcome, little cornhusk.

 The husks of corn are meant to protect the corn within. Wind and rain can affect the husk but the corn will still be protected. Let your thoughts be like the husks, protecting the soul within. Use the power of free will to choose thoughts that heal rather than thoughts that wither. Use the power within to sweeten the thoughts.