Balance the Spiritual & Physical Aspects of the Human Essence

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Dear Wisdom,

 Please expand on your recent missive: “Balance the spiritual and physical aspects of the human essence.” (12/21/12)

 How can we do this? We are instructed by most churches to be more spiritual, help others, give away your wealth for the poor. What about our own needs? Is it wrong to want to be financially comfortable? Can the ego and spirit peacefully coexist in our lives? Thank YOU!

 Care to comment, Wisdom? 


To achieve balance, one realizes the “ weight” of the two sides.

If a scale is used and one part is of denser matter, it takes much more of the other material to create balance on the scales. The ego is a denser vibration than the spiritual realm. Egos energy keeps one grounded in the 3rd dimension.

*The ego is necessary for the souls to be able to work with lessons on earth.

Have you ever noticed how easy weeds in a garden can smother a gardens tender sprouts as they start growing? The weeds can take over the garden throughout its lifecycle. A wise gardener goes throughout the land daily and weeds the little shoots that sprout up overnight. If left unattended, the root system takes the nutrients from the soil. Some have found the irritating weeds are actually as healthy and tasty as the greens that were planted. They become an asset such as: lambs quarter, stinging nettles, or malva to name a few. People poison the land trying to kill the plants where those “weeds” could help feed humans and animals.

Weed the mine daily to keep control over idle time because this is the perfect time for the negative thoughts to flourish. One not only removes the negativity, but they plant a positive thought so that a vacuum is not created. When a person tries to stop thinking about a stressful situation and plans no substitution, the thoughts grow and loom larger. The feeling is that of being controlled by the mind. It is like a mouse on a treadmill. Round and round it goes until it is distracted by something else. This is why people value a mantra or word/words that have the power of the universe seeded in them. It is like throwing a life preserver to a man struggling in the water.

*When one chooses a name or phrase of the Divine Lord, they can start replacing the negative incessant talk with powerful fuel for the mind, body and soul.

If a person gets irritated by a slow checker and the mind starts focusing on how inept the person is, they will be late for an appointment, and on the scenario go until the person is practically snarling when it is their turn. They did not think the checker might have worse concerns that way heavy on their mind. If they had immediately substituted the denser thoughts with a universal vibration tool to change the energy field, by the time it was their turn, they could offer a pleasant greeting and take notice of the person. Sometimes the friendly demeanor is what the person needs to ease their troubles. How easy is it to give the ego free reign with self absorption. It takes so much more effort to stay grounded in the spiritual plane. Balance, in this case, is not 50/50.

          Thank you so much, Wisdom, with a joyful heart.

            You are welcome our little drip.

A drip of water over time adds up to a measurable amount of water. Using a mantra or a phrase that stands for God’s Essence can start out like a drip. If the drip becomes incessant, it starts building to where it becomes a stronger flow and saturates the area. Let the power of God saturate your life. God’s water will only make you stronger.