Understanding Job

Understanding Job

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide us with a clear understanding of the Book of Job.  Job is an upright man who is blessed with family and wealth.   The devil tells God, “I bet he wouldn’t be so upright if he lost everything.”

God takes the bet and lets the devil take away Job’s family and wealth.  Job is still upright.  The devil says, “Job would not be so upright if he lost his health.” God allows this affliction too.  Job then is distraught.  Job asks for his life to end.  Job’s three friends basically tell him, “You deserve it.”  Job says, “No, I did not.”  When God speaks to Job: “Will the one who contends with the Almighty correct him?”

Let him who accuses God answer him!…Would you discredit MY justice?  Would you condemn ME to justify yourself?  Do you have an arm like God’s?”  Job then repents, “I know that you can do all things, no plan of yours can be thwarted…surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.”

Once Job has submitted to the authority of God, God then restores Job’s health, family, and wealth.  Please give us a better understanding of our take home lessons from this troubling book of The Bible.  Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


Job’s message was the inside of the ego’s claim to power over one’s life and the soul needing to battle for the truth.  In the bible stories, The Most High God is accused of most that falls into the way that thwarts the ego’s plans. Humans are chosen by the spirits to expand and transcend their vibrational level beyond the “status quo.”  Ego helps push the buttons to activate the reactions that challenge the humans/soul.  Job had become complacent and had expected life to continue on the same course of action.  When problems arise, the standard response is to blame The Lord God.  Job’s faith was tested.  He chose to believe The Almighty loved him and there were reasons beyond his comprehension but still being enacted for his growth.  

When help came into focus as the “lesson board” or the challenge, Job became confused as to why God would choose to harm him.  The human body became the focal point of conscious logic.  When this switch takes place, the ego starts to flourish.  Man becomes trapped in their own mind where reality is skewed and the soul is forced to become dormant.  The blaming starts to be activated and judgment takes place.

God is unfair. God doesn’t care. God doesn’t love me. I don’t love God either. Then the mind runs its movie projector to justify such beliefs.  If man allows the ego a foothold, this energy can topple the mountain of truth.  Job’s message was the first commandment in action.

*As long as life moves along accordingly, man thinks it is because of his intelligence.  When trouble arises, God is blamed.  The soul wanted to dig deep into the very pockets that withheld love.  Job’s soul wished to challenge the aspect of doubt; doubting The Divine Lord in time of the dark hours of the spirit’s belief system.  The best way is to delve into contrasts.  Job has all of life’s pleasures and self glory.  Possessions can be replaced.  The human coat is man’s believed essence.  This causes fear in the finite state of existence.  When pain is involved, most believe they are being punished.

*This bible story refers to the truth of the first commandment.  Place no false God’s before you.  If the ego plants seeds of discontent, challenge the validity of such musings.

*If you ever think you need something to make you happy, or validate the self esteem, this item will be taken away from you.  As in Aesop’s fables at the fox seeing his reflection causing a greedy nature to arise, he ends up with nothing. An example in the last decade would be the millions of people who wanted more even though the house they had was serving them well.  They leap for a flasher, bigger building and ended up with no help and a pile of debt.  Some blame The Most High for their actions.  One does not usually appreciate what they have until is taken away.  

Reality becomes an illusion of truth.  Much of Job’s suffering came from the loss of his good looks and envy there had been shown.  People tend to feel that people who are envied and jealous of are gleeful when troubles arise for the one God has shown more favor towards.  Job’s template addressed many aspects of human nature.  The magazine, the National Enquirer, illustrates such behavior.  Most stories highlight the darker shadows of a well-known person’s life.  Job’s spirit wanted to do battle with that aspect-denying God’s unconditional love.

*There is no part of your essence The Creator has stopped bathing in the light of love.  The designer and playwright was Job’s own spirit wanting more access to the source of all life.

*When one is facing a problem that takes over their mind, have the focus switched to a grateful heart and a thanksgiving spirit.  See God as the Life Savior, not the Creator of the problem.  Find the truth in the clutter of the mind’s thoughts. The drive to find love is at the bottom of the heap.

           Thank you so much wisdom with love.

You are welcome precious child with the brush strokes of love soothing the surface and the depths of your being. Trust in an outcome that will bring the glory for God.