Know When to Row and When to Let Go?

Know When to Row and When to Let Go?

Dear Wisdom,

Please revisit a recurring theme best encapsulated by the expression: “Lord, grant me the strength to change things that I can, the courage to accept things that cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.” In this simple sentence lies one of the great mysteries and challenges of all life.

How do we know when to say, “Que sera”, (what will be) and to dig in and make a difference in this world as many of the great figures in history have done? We are told that “humans are created just below the angels.” “God created mankind in his own image and likeness.”

With that preface, we are then told to accept some things in life because we cannot change them.  Which things?  Do we still keep trying to improve situations? How do we accept, submit, and continue our role as co-creator all at the same time?

Thank you!

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We will begin with: the key to this passage is to uncover what can not be changed.  This is reality. Reality is the facts of life.  What one does with this truth is how one is given free reign.  A cooking show has the opening with a “mystery basket.” Unique ingredients are assembled to make a meal.  All must be made in the dish. Many of the contestants have never cooked with an item or two.  There are shelves where one can use items to embellish the dish. Similarly, reality unfolds set facts.  You can create a masterpiece with a core truth adding creativity to the plot line.  Another example is the eighteen year old beautiful girl whose car was struck by a drunk driver and the gas tank exploded.  Her face was literally melted off. The reality was a burned body and disfigured face.  

How she responded could be enumerable directions.  She chose the healthiest.  She gives herself five minutes a day for a “pity party” and gets on with life as best she can.  She is a spokesperson for the organization MAAD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  She is creating with God.  Unlike most, with the ability to reverse a problem, she will walk this reincarnation disfigured where once she was revered for her beauty. She cannot change her reality.  Rather than slamming her mind against the unmovable fact, she accepts this situation with courage. The light bulb had many failed attempts before a pattern was discovered that works.  When one prays, the attached addendum is added.  This or better.  “Timing is not demanded to manifest under your direction.

*Allow the Lord God the “steering wheel” to direct the timing and enfoldment.  Believe in options rather than the attitude, “my way or the highway.” See all attempts as stepping stones for the enfoldment of your desires. Comparing self with others or rejecting God’s time-table or enfoldment, is rejecting the joint co-creating.  Many are only focusing on the goal line. The ability to glean insight is pushed aside for a desire for a hasty conclusion.  If one attempt fails, you can co-create another.  What are you rushing off  to? One realizes the only time to experience life is in the “now” time.

*Find the joy in working side-by-side with the Creator.  Putting life on hold because of wishes not being granted leads to frustration and anger.  When one develops an intimate relationship with their Divine Lord, they can sense a turn in direction.   One surrenders the reigns to the more competent driver.  Believe in the truth, the Most High God only has love to express on your behalf.  Trust in a better outcome than imagined because the Master Builder is assisting in the development.  Know reality for what it is.  This is the framework. With the emotions and imagination, you can create a home out of love and joy within the framework.

*One only sinks into the quicksand pit if they struggle and fight with the illusion of how life is supposed to be.

           Thank you so very much wisdom with joy.

          You are welcome little sunbeam.  Draw strength from God, the true light source of your life.