Embrace Tao

Embrace Tao

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to better embrace the meaning of the Tao Te Ching. “Without going outside, one can know the whole world. Without looking out the window, one can see the ways of heaven. The further one goes, the less one knows” (Verse 47).

All of these prose seem counter-intuitive. Please explain their meaning. Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


“The further one goes, the less one knows” is the easiest concept to understand. A similar thought states, “The more I learn, the less I know”; meaning the greater the knowledge gleaned, one realizes how much undiscovered territory there truly is. The mind is expanded to the realization how little the human can comprehend the real picture regarding the workings of life. Take medicine as an example. A theory is discovered after a test was performed on a section of the population. This number is minor against the whole planet’s number. Ideas are drawn up and then are accepted as a truth for the whole group of people on the planet. All the persons need is a number of fruits and vegetables in the day. Is this really true for all earth travelers? If someone does not fall into this concept, they are considered weird or freakish. When one expands the limited viewpoint of a few, the realization of the falsehood toward this “edict” is uncovered and the processing of life has just been expanded. Can a person discover this insight if their thinking has become rigid? Or illusions become infallible?

*Reality has a flux of being able to manifest lessons especially designed for each individual to assist the soul toward greater awareness of The Most High God. Being able to know the whole world without going outside addresses the truth that man is connected to the fabric of life.  All are interwoven and all are of the same DNA. One brother lives across the country in Washington D.C. and one lives in Los Angeles, California. Though distance separates the two, this will never affect the relationship of being a sibling. There is a connection that time and distance cannot be broken. Emotions have the ability to feel closer or more distant, but cannot alter the fact that the two are biologically related. So too are they related spiritually to all. There is the DNA connection to the Source of all Life. Spiritually, there is a bond that cannot be disowned. Once a human realizes this truth, perception shifts. Seeing the ways of heaven means to focus from within. Know the truth beyond the senses of the third dimension. To ascertain the realization that heaven is within as well as it is without links the human with the soul.

These riddles are aspects of the duality of life’s make-up. The human versus the soul. The person has a narrow point of vision about the reality of life; the soul as an expanded awareness of The Almighty God. The blinders are removed and the truth can be revealed. These statements are to allow a person a broader focus on the creation of life beyond the limited scope of society’s belief. Expand the outer and also inner vision to allow the truth to enter into the consciousness of conscious mind. There is so much to be deciphered beyond the human box of beliefs. Choose to set aside limited concepts and explore the reality of the truth. The mazes final destination is unconditional love.

          Thank you so much wisdom with love.

You are welcome running deer. See beyond the illusion of limitation and choose to believe in the true nature of the soul. Access the spirit to discover the deeper meaning and messages of the dramas being played out in the theatre of human life. The truth can set one free of the human delusions. Realize only love is the only energy being reflected to you.