Understanding about Life after Death

Understanding about Life after Death

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to have a better understanding of life after death.

We read books such as, “Life After Death” where the author paints a pleasant picture of everyone experiencing a warm, white light, and love when they are revived from being clinically dead. On the other hand, we read accounts of heaven, hell, purgatory, and limbo. Jesus taught us: “ My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” John 14:2

The Catholic Church spoke often of hell and sins and penance and purgatory. Sins could be as menial as “impure thoughts” or as significant as mortal sins from premeditated actions. Not fasting overnight for communion, eating meat on Friday, skipping Sunday mass, and a long list of other offenses seems to add up to a long time in purgatory to cleanse the soul of these grievances against God.

On the other hand, we read extensively from WISDOM that God loves us unconditionally. What is the truth of life after death? Do we see our friends and ancestors? Do we get a report card from God who carries a clipboard? Do we spend eternity in heaven, or hell, or some undetermined time in purgatory?

Thank YOU for a better understanding of death!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Death is feared by humans because it is unknown, and it seems so final. There are those that believe it is the end of existence. There have been churches that use the image of hell to scare the people into following their directions. Jesus used hell as a contrast to God. He used many comparisons to describe a point of view and a lesson He was teaching.

Even today, people want facts and images to assure the listeners. One fact that is not stressed enough is the soul’s role for the human. The soul is the essence and uses the human “jacket” to learn lessons using the human senses and emotions. The soul is learning deeper depths of God’s nature. Man has blamed their problems on God.  They are not seeing the whole picture.

Think of society as a giant theater and everyone is playing a part. Their soul decided the opening scene and the costumes to wear. The human gets to have free will to make changes in the script. Everything done by a human can be used by the soul as a learning tool to discover God through feelings.

One of the most powerful ways is through contrast. When you step into a dark room and feel along the wall, if a light switch is found and turned on, the room now has light. When one goes through a long cold winter, they appreciate the first spring day more than one who experiences it every day. Souls don’t have contrast in their own realm. They want to learn feelings for it can make God more real.

*When the human dies, the soul is once again, free and no longer weighted down by the 3rd dimension.

*They use all they learned on earth to discover the difference between unconditional love, human love and the lack of love.

God is pure unconditional love. God does not judge the human. That is man’s nature with the ego. When one dies, it is like the final scene of a play and all the actors who had finished before you, come to give applause for an outstanding performance. They get to keep the memories. God gives the loudest applause

*The more the human practices love instead of hate, the more vibration was absorbed to become closer to God. It is the human who judges so harshly.

*The ego’s job is to be the contrast to God

*The soul wants to return home to bask in knowing their role on earth was their best performance ever.            

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.           

            You are welcome our little crane.

A White Crane is beautiful in flight. It is funny to watch it walk on its thin long legs. It’s head moves forward with every step. And yet it is perfect as a complete bird. Humans spend their time criticizing any unique trait. These differences are what make a person special. That is a way to thank God for the privilege of getting to play a human. It is a gift for the soul.