Tao Gives Life To All Things

Tao Gives Life To All Things

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the words of the Tao te Ching:

“Though Tao gives life to all things, Te is what cultivates them. Te is that magic power that raises and rears them, complete and prepares them, comforts and protects them.”

 Tao te Ching verse  51

What does it mean?  Tao gives  life, Te cultivates life… magic power”? Please explain how this verse can help us in our quest. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


The Tao is God. God gives life to all things.

“Te is what cultivates them” is referring to the life force, the power of creation.

In the Bible of Genesis, the creation of the planet Earth was described with first the thought. Then it was manifested into existence. God looked at the creation and declared it was good. There are steps to creation. First is the thought of creating. Then, the actual energy to bring it alive. Then praising which starts the flow of gratitude for life. These three steps create more life.

Though humans are given the power to co-create with God, most of the time the signal is corrupted with contrasting information. They believe they want to win the lottery and will buy tickets weekly but are also sending a signal of feelings of unworthiness where money is bad, buried at the subconscious level. Maybe this belief was created in childhood and forgotten, but the energy is still alive and active. This will block the logical beliefs of the adult. This allows the error and thinking to be addressed again. One has the opportunity to “clean up” or change the defective beliefs.

*What is being overlooked is the fact when God creates it is done with pure unconditional love. When man creates, there is criticism and judgment that are attached, especially about self.

*Te is the pure unconditional love that is the Tao or God’s essence. It is this vibration that is elusive for a human to reflect back to God.

*Man looks outside of self for a conditional love until awareness comes that only God and self can create this vibration for self. Until this is realized, one will look outside of themself for love.

           Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome, our little ticket.

Some events need tickets to allow access inside. With God, one believes they were not given a free ticket for God’s love.

 It cannot be earned or bartered for, even a small piece of loves energy. There are no conditions. Accept it with a grateful heart, and become aware of stepping into the current of love.