Jesus Life – A Love Beyond Human Capacity

Jesus Life - A Love Beyond Human Capacity

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on YOUR recent missive: “The birth, washing of the feet, and death all demonstrated a love beyond human capacity.” 12/24/12

Please help us to understand how the death of Jesus demonstrated a love beyond human capacity. This was a gruesome death. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


When one seeks the deeper meaning of Jesus death, they see beyond what took place to the physical body and comprehend the spiritual message that Jesus, that human, had undertaken for all of mankind.

Imagine the depth of love it takes to forgive the men who tortured and killed him. Jesus was demonstrating love that is beyond human emotions and judgment. He became an example for God of a love that goes beyond human comprehension. It is a love that has no boundaries.

Many people get stuck reliving the human horror until their mind is full of grief. When they are told Jesus died for them, subconsciously, it can lead to feelings of unworthiness and guilt. This is not the reaction God was hoping to create.

*When Jesus declared, “ It is finished” what referred to being finished dealt with the belief one earns God’s love.

 How can a person earn something they already have? Jesus was showing a love that holds no conditions. No matter what had been done to Jesus, He forgave. It is the same for every human. No matter what errors in judgment have taken place, one is forgiven.

*Jesus’s death shows a joy that can only be found when one is released from the burden of conditional love. Jesus freed all humans from the concept of a God that loves like a human. Jesus spirit wanted to merge with God.

The human vessel needed to be transformed in order to house the highest level of vibration. God was showing through the birth that all are born with unconditional love. When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, it represented there is nothing God will not do for His children. And the death represents you have God’s unconditional love already. Why waste time trying to earn what you already have?

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome our little sheath.

A sheath protects a person from the sharp point of a tool. Most people sheath their heart to protect it from becoming damaged. When one uses God to be their sheath, they are letting the spiritual realm take over the job of protecting the heart. Let this be the avenue to your true freedom.