Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Dear Wisdom,

One could say it’s unconditional love when parents do everything for their children, even when the age is 30, 40 or 50’s. It’s hard not to judge but those people never get to remove the training wheels. Is it unconditional love or the parents try to meet their own needs? Thank YOU, Wisdom.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


There is a fine line someone can cross when practicing unconditional love.

The child needs to have survival skills. There comes a point when the child needs to walk on their own.

Imagine a parent not ever letting the child walk on their own?

When learning to walk, one falls down often until they master the ability to balance. It doesn’t hurt with the thick padding of a diaper. The falling helps the brain process what works. Many ways are tried before one becomes a constant success.

When they are denied this analyzing of processing data, there are no pathways wired in the brain.

*When parents do not allow their children to experience the realities of life, it is a control issue the parents are grappling with because of unresolved issues in their life.

There are unseen factors taking place at the soul level. It might be perfect for all involved working through karmic issues. The souls are processing unconditional love.

*Is it love to never allow a human being the full range of human emotions? Sometimes, the experience comes later in life.

The person is not as flexible because they had no practice.

Who knows if this is perfect for the souls?

Humans constantly judge life. When one finds themself judging, try practicing viewing the situation through the soul’s point of view.

One starts practicing the art of unconditional love for self.           

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little stitch.

When one starts a sewing project, they can start with a stitch and keep adding more and more stitches, building on the previous one.

A person visualizes the end result to keep them motivated and allows a compass or direction to follow.

Use creative visualization to picture the end result.

Thinking that tool actually hampers their progress is due to past memories where dreams failed.

The timing was either unripe or not supposed to happen.

Conclude the visualization with, “This or better”.

“Thank You” will free the fear of failure.

It is the process that is to be enjoyed rather than just getting the goal.