To Create Without Owning

To Create Without Owning

Dear Wisdom,

Please explain the passage of Tao te Ching:

“To create without owning, to give without expecting, to fill without claiming. This is a profound action of Tao. The highest expression of Te.” Tao te Ching Verse 51

Please elaborate on this mystical passage. It all needs explanation. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


God or Tao creates life with no expectation. God has no conditions. God’s nature is creating. Life never stops in its vibration. Tao or God is vibration. Everything has this energy. Some can be seen with the human eye.

When the air is still, there is no movement but the air is there. One doesn’t notice until the leaves move or there are whitecaps on the water. Then it becomes obvious. Man is the one who wants to take ownership. They feel “owning” more makes them more important and someone to be envied. They don’t “own” anything in the literal sense for only God creates from the very beginning.

*God expects nothing in return for life.

*But when people show gratitude, it activates more vibration to create similar energy.

 Some humans seem to have all of the “luck”. They appear to have life working exactly as they wish. Some will never realize there is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness in man-made time has a conclusion. Joy from God is eternal.

Man has a “want” which the desire creates a vacuum, wanting to be filled. The universe will assist in filling this void as long as there is no conflicting energy. Envy or ”Life’s not fair” stops the life force that comes from thoughts. Most do not realize the power of thoughts. How often are people truly excited about someone else’s success? In the back of their mind, comparisons filter in and there is judgment as to why it is that person and not the person observing their success.

It is natural for humans to judge life. They are forgetting about the soul. Human nature is more ego driven that wants to claim the power. This is the opposite to the Tao’s description in this verse. Man is born with ego. It helps the soul be its opponent in life. The highest expression of Te is God’s energy of unconditional love. This is the opposite of ego.

*Man is given a choice in every moment of their life. Will they express more love or will they side with egos judgment and criticism? The decision is the foundation that is generating energy to signal the universe. Most do not realize the mixed messages that are steering the course of their future.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome, little dewdrop.

A dewdrop comes from the air. It is a sign that the air has moisture, unlike a desert morning. Water brings life. Even a little dewdrop helps bring nourishment.

*Like a dewdrop, let love bring nourishment to life. Every little bit changes life.

A fleeting smile, a kind word take just seconds out of the day but has the power to change an attitude. Nourish life with thousands of dewdrops until the dewdrops turn into a soft rain. That type of weather creates new life.

This is co-creating with God or Tao.