Know the Peace of God

Know the Peace of God

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to know the peace of God.

“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and a quiet resting places.” Isaiah 32:18

People seek power, stimulation, control, freedom, love, wealth, joy and more. Yet it may all boil down to seeking peace. How do we attain a sense of constant inner peace?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


*To find the peace of God, one must travel within.

A true sanctuary awaits. Most seek outside of themselves in search of peace. It cannot be found in possessions or anything with a shelf life. Unsustained peace is not made in the 3rd dimension.

God’s peace is eternal. It cannot be bought. This form of contentment is available to anyone who seeks the treasure within. Most are afraid to become intimate with the Almighty because they fear death. The belief of finding peace in God is asking for death.

John Wayne, the actor, who was an icon in his time, was also known as the “death bed” Catholic. He lived with minimal restrictions and did not think about a relationship with God until his last breath of life. Many think this is a perfect way to have God in their life. Why bother getting to know the One who will end their life?  What is not realized can only be known at the heart level. God is not found in the logical aspect of the brain, but in the emotional feeling part of the mind. The ego is not involved. This peace can last a lifetime.

*One sees beyond the earth’s classroom full of drama and finds the Divine Lord assisting the souls trying to draw closer to God.

Man does not know the souls agenda, but can find peace knowing God has only love for you and your soul no matter what road is chosen. Here is where the power of peace resides. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little barnacle.

Barnacles attach themselves to objects such as pier pilings. They can be food for those who know where it lies.

Where most ocean life can be damaged in powerful storms, the barnacles remain intact and relatively undisturbed. They cling to the pilings almost like suction cups, which need to be pried off.

God’s peace is like the pilings. Be a barnacle.  No matter the storms, be attached to God. True peace is found here.