Strengthen Being One-Pointed

Strengthen Being One-Pointed

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with strengthening our being one-pointed.  A spiritual guide, Eknath Eswaran, spoke of the need for being one- pointed.  Meanwhile, society cheers on the person who is most adept at multi tasking.  Both multi tasking and being one pointed have their merits at the appropriate time.  In a world designed for attention deficit disorder, how do we focus on one thing? Thank you. 

Care to comment Wisdom.


The gift of being one pointed is the slowing down of the mind to focus.  There is no full attention given to any task when the mind is split in different directions.  Slowing down and one pointed are strengthening tools for deeper meditation.  Focusing with attention and intention makes for a stronger signal when directing the awareness toward the Source.  In today’s society, many distractions are accepted as normal everyday routine.  An example would be of a mother’s ability to multi task.  While driving, the attention is split in several directions.  There is driving, talking on the phone, the radio is on, children demanding her attention, looking at objects one child wants her to see, and mentally planning the upcoming meeting.  This amount of distraction keeps the seething anger and depression buried. 

People with this level of scattered thinking are afraid of something that is controlled beneath the cage of mental boundaries.  They have utilized the opposing energy of depression-which is being busy.  Some seem like a deflated balloon.  No turgor.  Much of life’s multi tasking keeps an individual from knowing self.  If the concept is self-love for the lesson a soul chooses to learn, many people do not choose to follow a path that will lead to unfoldment.  How much of the business performed is with the intention of self-approval and earned love.  Being one pointed helps bring the attention solely focused on the event.  Many times the action does not have to be repeated because of a sloppy performance.  When people hurry, items are broken or lost because the attention was not seen where the item was placed.

  How much time is then spent looking for the missing item.  Practicing on being one pointed is a goal for delving deeper into meditation.  While involved in the alloted time frame for this prayer time, see how fast the mind will jump from one thought to the next.  This is why Eknath Eswaran taught the tools of deep meditation and daily living.  A mantra helps to keep the mind trained.  When the natural reaction is to hop from one thought to the next, saying a mantra helps focus the attention and eliminates excessive chatter.  When performing routine duties, focusing on a mantra trains the mind for being one pointed.  Naturally, when you are in the midst of a project which needs your attention, the focus is on the challenge alone. 

Showing respect for another while their attention is directed performing a task that has the need for focused attention is warranted.  Let us use a simple example.  While in the kitchen, one is using a knife.  Distracting them with conversation is breaking the attention.  Their mind will picture the scene described.  Breaking one pointed focus.  If someone touches another while a knife is involved, this is rather dangerous.  The best course of action is to stop the knife movement and place it on the counter until the focus can be fully back to the action with the knife.  No drama.  Just teach self to be one pointed. 

Many think they do not have time to practice this attitude.  Much stress is relieved when not having to focus on so many tasks trying to be performed at one time.  Having too many projects going on simultaneously depletes energy.  How often do you talk with someone and feel the person is mentally elsewhere.  A mantra can help train the mind and pull it back from wandering down different trails at once.  One pointedness is focusing on the now with more of a magnifying glass viewpoint rather than diffused attention.  When you practice to be one pointed with life outside of self you are able to practice the talent within.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little one, with the love that is truly focused on you. 

This is your essence.