Tune In To God

Tune in God

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to tune in to Your insight and Wisdom.    Is there a way that we can hear the insight of Wisdom in an ongoing basis? 

Thank you. 

Care to comment Wisdom?


One needs to desire the connection above all distractions.  The personality trait is not driven by ego demands.  There is a balance found between the ego and the spirit.  The vibration level is raised to meet the Most High.  The mind cannot be flitting to other thoughts and concerns while making awareness known.  Truly, most people do not choose to give up time that is focused on one’s own pleasure.  How many would be willing to get out of a warm bed at 3 or 4 am to contemplate the spiritual realm?  You wonder why it is so early.  This is sacred time when distractions are at their lowest ebb.  The level of vibration energy depends on the individual.  A person who can shut out all distractions and focus within, such as a trained monk, will be able to utilize anytime of the day for spiritual joining. 

They have chosen to spend the life solely in the pursuit of bonding at the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.  The Creator is with you always.  It is your awareness of this fact that needs to be triggered.  How many would rather stay up late at night and party or watch a movie?  How many lives are drawn toward this goal?  Most have human concerns that take up the waking attention like their job, security, the money issues, and the children’s needs.  Most feel comfortable allotting time for God on Sunday morning.  As one delves deeper into this sharing of time on a spiritual plane, what is ingested takes on more of an awareness the food’s energy holds. 

Certain groups and dishes have different or no form of energy.  This can sit in the stomach and cause chaos for the digestion.  Eating too much variety at one time will demand different enzymes to break down the food lowers the vibration level.  Many people eat several different items a meal and finish with a dessert, which usually involves simple carbohydrates.  This choice sits on top of the bulk of heavier foods causing a nightmare for the digestion.  The majority of heartburn sufferers are because of too much of a variety of food values and eating foods that the vessel has a negative reaction to. 

Why this long discourse on food?  How many people are willing to give up their favorite treats?  Some take a product to silence the messengers alerting the owner of the vessel of problems that have arisen.  Some will help the body with its healing if more attention is given to food combination.  Desserts are not eaten with meals to insure better digestion.  How many people do you think are willing to regulate and manage this major sensory pleasure?  Not many.  In order to receive a stronger level of awareness with the spiritual realm in managing of what is inputted into the total body’s package is necessary for some people.  The aura absorbs much energy that can be unwanted, especially if one is a psychic sponge.  Yes, all are joined with the Creator.  It is the human that reaches for awareness to this truth.  Most choose a different channel.

          Thank you so much Wisdom for this great insight.

          You are welcome, treasured one. 

Let the heart rejoice with the joy of awareness that you are with your Source.  You need nothing else to feel whole.  For you are complete as is.