Appreciate God In Other People

Appreciate God In Other People

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to celebrate other people as Your Creation.  Namaste is sometimes translated as “I salute your inner light”.  Please help us to see and fully appreciate You within other people.  In Scripture, You tell us, “do you not know that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit” and “The kingdom of heaven is within”.

People are eager to evolve from earlier days of judging people based upon their appearance and vocabulary to a more enlightened position of appreciating the unique God within each human being.  Please tell us how to salute the inner light of each human and sentient animal that we meet. 

Thank you.

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To truly celebrate the Source of life within, all of the inhabitants the planet must look through the eyes of the soul within.  There you will find the connection.  Vibration is the Most High’s frequency.  When saluting another life form you are paying respect and homage to the Almighty.  When there is criticism, alas there is finding fault in the Force that is responsible for your life.  All souls that live on earth choose this planet to advance in comprehending more of the Divine.  A soul is but a cell of the Most High wanting to vibrate at the same level of frequency that the Creator does.  In order to obtain this energy, one reflects this Essence, which is love in its purest form. 

There might not be comprehension of the journey another soul or creature is on but the truth still is valid.  That soul in a human jacket, whatever its shape or style, is still a cell of the Most High.  If you rely on the human ego to cast its judgmental vote, few would pass the criteria needed to be acceptable to the standards set in place.  Judging gets decided on areas that are not even known to the human vessel.  The person’s aura mingles with yours.  This energy can fill a room.  Some people that come to your awareness trigger a subconscious memory that was unpleasant.  This new encounter will be dealt with the old energy.  Think of a person you met that totally irritated you before they even opened their mouth.  Ego judged instantaneously with protection in the forefront. 

To salute the Christ within, the need is to have the vision of the spiritual realm in focus.  The human aspect still can run its data for survival instinct mode while the soul reflects on the bigger picture.  You are acknowledging the plan unfolding that the blueprint was not left behind, but know the structure of life is on a firm vision.  You salute another out of respect.  They too are a cell of the Creator, looking for more self  love to be able to merge with their Source.  The human ego is what creates blinders to this truth.

          Thank you so much Wisdom, with love.

          You are welcome precious one in the love that joins all life together.

You are a cell of the Most High.  Know this truth on the deepest level.