Still Struggling with Forces of Good & Evil

Still Struggling with Forces of Good & Evil

Dear Wisdom,

The Greek theatre was established nearly 3000 years ago.  Its central theme was the struggle between the forces of good and evil.  If the audience was lucky, then the good guy saved the good babe from the bad guys.  Is this struggle what our lives are all about?

The Greek theatre is the foundation for Shakespeare, most TV, movies and even Scripture.  Is life about the continuous struggle between the forces of good and evil?  If God is everything and we need to love life as is, then we come to the conclusion that God is also the evil opposition.  Can this be true?  Will our lives always be this struggle?  What is the point?  How can we learn from and perhaps transcend this struggle?  Thank you!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Think of children playing cops and robbers.  If there were only actors of cops, it would be a dull boring afternoon.  Earth is the playground for souls to grow in vibration.  What would they learn if there were not contrasts or struggles?  Does one not appreciate a day like yesterday with the sky so blue, the air so caressing, and temperatures in the high 80s more so if the previous 2 months were overcast and drizzly?  One is apt to not waste if they were ever hungry.  The Most High allows its children to play their roles and acts without interference.  The souls choose to sharpen their range of the energy field and bring more power and focus into the equation.  The soul is the scriptwriter. 

Without contrast, the play is boring with no energy for the drama of highs and lows.  One could think the rest of their days would be perfect if everyday was exactly like yesterday.  No change in humidity, wind, viscosity, intensity of the sun.  If there was no night time, the plants would wither.  Flora and fauna need rest.  That is why there is a pattern to when the predators attack.  No animal attacks all the time.  Life has the cycles of resting and recharging and energy with action.  Notice how some people are more on edge because they do not shut down or all their waking hours are spent in someone else’s business. 

The Almighty gave the human/soul access to co-create. There were no mandatory programs that needed to be followed.  Society sets up laws to control the people.  This concept started as a protection for the people.  The ten commandments were actually the guidelines.  One could not kill another or steal another’s wife or possessions.  With more power given to this entity, it becomes a thirsty monster wanting more and more until it dries up the host.  Is this God’s doing?  No.  It is the scriptwriters.  There is the contrasting players or parts.  One is for the spirit’s nature and one for the ego’s. 

It is an interesting lesson to observe which energy was behind a statement or action expressed.  Everyday the human chooses between the ego and the soul’s energy.  One realizes that in the demonstration of self we are playing all the parts to our drama.  That the soul choose this chess game or chapter to hone the energy fields to comprehend God at a deeper level.  It is not the Most High’s responsibility to create the drama being enacted.  It is the spirit’s effort and desire to find more God in the contrast of ego versus the Light of ove.

          Thank you, so much Wisdom, with love.

You are welcome, our little sensitive.  The skunk smell was your alarm clock this morning.  Like a reed in the currents, let the waters flow through you without resistance. You are never alone in this sojourn.  Love is your constant companion.