Soaring on Wings of Angels

Soaring on Wings of Angels

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on a recent missive: “few truly have access to this level of soaring on wings of angels.” (Wisdom 1/20/10)

Please help us to do the above…to soar on the wings of angels.  Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This statement referred to the one who first crossed over the plane of the third dimension and witnessed first-hand the “now” time.  All could be seen briefly without the constriction of earth time.  Most die in their own vibrational level.  This alone is a major transition for the human essence.  If one truly is sincere in reflecting an aspect of “soaring on the wings of an angel” they can manifest Jesus’ teaching consistently without ego’s interference. 

This is rather impossible unless the vibrational level is very elevated for the spirit matrix.  Think of living with love and not expressing any judgment or criticism toward life.  One would be an observer, rather than critique.  Just choosing a day to be aware of all the judging and comparing that takes place would stagger the mind.  In the third dimension, the ego energies root keeps one alive and grounded to the gravity with the human body.  Ego keeps a human alive with its’ senses. This is beneficial without the stop-gaps and breaks of life, the human would ignore the warning signals being sent through the senses. 

Fire is too hot for the human hand to grab onto.  The senses help a person take care of its vessel while on earth.  Without boundaries and training, the ego itself can be the deadly parasite to the host.  Balance is an ongoing human blessing to master.  Soaring on the wings of angels takes an energy beyond the human inclination.  This frequency is love in action, not just mental, logical musings.  It is easy to read a passage regarding the attributes of love, but truly a challenge to express this living nature of the Most High.  Yes, one reverts to the philosophy of loving life as it manifests.  No, this does not mean you are a doormat; it is ego trying to sway a person off track. 

One loves life as it unfolds because of the nature, it being a gift of revelation for the souls benefit.   Figuring out the message, being held within its coding, takes effort or investigation.  One rather chooses to decipher the message for self than point fingers at others assumed errors.  This is human nature, to blame someone else.  “Everyone thinks they are right” is a truth.  Thinking life is perfect for assisting soul growth is the last conclusion a person wants to hear.  The lesson usually is accompanied with delayed gratification rather than instant pleasure, such as indulging in a quart of ice cream versus losing a few pounds. 

How easy it is to complain when life appears unfair.  One needs to switch their outlook and focus.  Most are grounded in the minds illusions.  Few have become a reflection of a facet of the Divine Lord’s nature.  When one comes to a professional guitarist and states they want to play as proficiently, you would instruct them to practice everyday until the art becomes second nature.  If one chooses to soar with the angels, they need to be able to ride the currents of love.  The loft is achieved when there are no tethers of judgment, criticism, or comparing taking place.  For, one day, you too could put off all thoughts of situations as being a cross to bear and believe this event was especially created for the soul’s expansion into higher levels of unconditional love. 

*Love is the soul goal to earth’s theater of plots, plays and dramas.  Soaring with the angels takes a heart full of love and weightlessness.  The weight is any energy that reflects the opposite of love.  Practice makes perfect or, at least, the illusion of being perfect because life is perfect as-is. 

            Thank you so much Wisdom with joy. 

            You are welcome, firefly, the light comes from within.  Trust in the illumination to lead you to the truth.