Remember Awesome Nature of God

Remember Awesome Nature of God

Dear Wisdom,

Please tell us what we need to do in order to recall how awesome the Lord of Love really is.  In a recent missive (Dec.19, 2007) YOU told us “The soul has an agenda before birth”. They usually cannot fathom the loss of memory of how awesome the Lord of Love truly is”.  Is it possible to recapture the memory of the Lord of Love while still in this earthly vessel?  Thank you.

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Humans have a more limited capacity than souls to comprehend the majesty of the Most High.  When one truly becomes aware of life as designed for their soul growth, a switch of outlook is viewed.  One stops playing the role of the victim.  The scenarios that appear in the journey of life is to teach self-love without conditions.  It is the inward journey where you find the greatest access to the Almighty.  One has the true DNA of the Creator.  If a subject is chosen to master, does one not become immersed in the details and view from all angles while studying the depth, mass, and texture?  To grow in knowledge, study of the lesson is constant and life long.  To discover the Creator in more depth, one needs to practice looking for the signs the Divine leaves for clues. 

Nature is an easy beginning for the intricacy and beauty abound.  Becoming aware of the many functions the body performs without direction is a miracle in itself.  Your heart beats without constant monitoring and yet if it stops it’s pumping, the human vessel ceases to exist.  When the mind sees life through the eyes of love, the connection is active to the Divine Lord’s essence.  When the vibration becomes more pure, you can mimic the Most High’s desire.  Why is it hard to love without restrictions?  Ego.  The more the ego has a voice, the less space there is to think of other’s needs.  In the small encounters with others, there is a space to salute the spark of Divinity within their vessel.  It can be a smile, a look into their eyes with acceptance without borders.  Try viewing life differently.

* See others as the soul they truly are, struggling in a human vessel to glean more ability to house the Supreme Essence of Love.  Making more room for this energy takes cleaning out areas where criticism and judging are roosting.  Where love is denied, ego has taken hold, bearing roots that grow into rigid attitudes.  If one truly wants to experience more God, clean the house of the mind first.  Allow more room to be available.  In creating space, one will be using the tools of the Most High.  You become an apprentice for your Creator.  Does a follower or an apprentice not want to become more like their leader?  You can become a trainee or student to the greatest Mentor of life. Learn how to vibrate the energy of love in the midst of conflict and dissension.  Pull the weeds of hate, criticism, and judgment.  Mimic your Leader until you are a reflection of that energy. 

*Greater than knowing God more, is becoming more God-like.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, in love and joy. 

You are welcome our little “sun tracker”.  Absorb the rays of love that light your path.  Unlike the sun, these beams of holy joy fill your sky 24/7.  Never are you without love.  This is the greatest support for life.