Avoid Martyr Traps

Avoid Martyr Traps

Dear Wisdom, 

Since many of YOUR invaluable missives have brought us the powerful sound bite that life is about learning unconditional self love—and since few people were raised with this notion; then how do we overcome the nagging voices of the past, saying , “You are not good enough, look at all your flaws”? 

Please tell us how to bring unconditional self-love into our lives. Thank YOU!

Care to comment Wisdom? 


That is the soul’s mission, the reason for a human birth.  To learn and experience in the human dimension, self love or unconditional love is the core doorway to reside in the energy of the Most High.  This venture is an upstream battle for the human nature is generally ruled by ego’s format.  In ego’s kingdom, one never will comprehend pure love.  There are always errors in belief to focus upon. Usually, where the ego shined brighter than the rest.  A different reaction would have been more appropriate.  In order to evolve to the level of unconditional self -love, a person needs to be this vibration in the spiritual realm.  This is where grace is felt.  An ego by its very nature,  can not create pure love.  This force is the craving of the soul, to return home in this essence. 

True love without any expectations or conditions 24 hours in the day is the goal.  Most do not even suit up to play.  Ego defines who you believe you are.  If you thought even for less than a day that you truly were an extension of the Most High and could only feel pure love for all of life, how different the day would appear.  There would be no fault finding of self.  The human vessel would be comprehended as perfect as is.  Life is found to be an expression of the soul’s searching for the Creator while going in circles.  There would be no judgment or criticisms to the actions, for all were trying to find the treasure.  They just do not understand the bounty is to be found within.  If you want to reside in self love, that is the authentic energy. 

Imitations do not take up position in the Most High’s throne.  The throne within only can be filled with the Divine’s essence.  Anything else will be a fraud.  Self -love is comprehended from the heart/emotional level.  The conscious mind will find fault as it does with life’s core viewpoint.  Believe the truth that you truly are an expression of the Almighty in human form.  It is like the analogy of the wood carver, asked how he can carve an elephant.  His answer was “I just carve away anything that is not elephant.”  This is what the soul is attempting to do. 

*Carve away anything that is not of the Divine nature.  One does not think they behold an elephant in the block of wood and one materializes.  This feat is found in a different dimension.  Few live in the earth’s gravity with this key to other dimensions.  The truth is you are a soul created from pure love.  That is your essence.  Carve away anything that is not of this nature.  Trying to hack at the vision can damage the delicate space to carve with precision.  This means celebrate everyday when the effort is directed towards cleaning the mirror of the soul.  Self -love never thinks you were a failure or didn’t perform better.  If one did the best they could, that was perfect in itself.  The mirror of the soul might have debris encrusted that will take extra effort to remove. 

Reincarnations are just different solvents to try for a cleaner mirror.  When the soul’s window or mirror is totally clean, only God can be seen.  Self- love can be viewed as the cleaner whose job is to polish the window or mirror with the solvent it has.  You do not criticize a person who is working to their capabilities.  View life as workers trying to clean their vision with different tools.  Some are using Windex while others only have an acid base compound.  Until they comprehend they can switch to another solvent, their mirror just becomes more tarnished.  Believe you are doing the best you can with the cleaner being used.  If you want to use a more powerful cleaner, start working with one that has love as its base.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome little one.  Use love as a compound to polish life’s view.  This can become the only energy used to function in this world.