The Slipstream of Life

The Slipstream of Life

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to get into the slipstream of life.

Slipstream, of course, is the region behind a moving object with suction and lift, which makes it much easier for someone to travel in the slipstream. There are some times when we reach into our pocket and pull out the exact change. Don’t know if God is doing this just to prove that He can, or if we are doing it and need some encouragement on repeating this process. It would be nice if life could be a slipstream trip. Is there such a thing? Or is fighting gravity and headwinds what life is all about? Can we develop our soul strength while in a slipstream? How do we get into the slipstream? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


There is a slipstream of life.

*This spiritual slipstream is the current of God’s joy.

Few stay in that current. The ego needs to be controlled. Otherwise, the person can’t get out of the way. There is too much internal chatter to be able to listen to guidance from a Higher Power. People spend their time suggesting to God what to do.

*When one is in the jet stream they give up control and trust in God.

This sounds easy but the truth is most can’t let go and trust in someone else’s judgment, especially when it concerns God. Many have prayed to God and have their dreams crushed. When a child prays to God and put their trust in getting a “yes” answer only to be denied, God becomes mean and untrustworthy. Throughout the adult life, God is held at a distance, never to be fully trusted.

*To be in the spiritual slipstream of life, one trusts God.

*They might have an idea, but know God’s ideas are always better.

If a person believes God only wants the best for them, sometimes the answer will be “no”. Later, the answer, no, was perfect at that time. Being in the slipstream does not always mean God is a genie in the bottle granting your every wish.

*Develop trust in the truth that God loves you unconditionally and wants only what is best for you and the soul.

Getting into the slipstream is easier when one places their faith in God rather than the ego.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little crossing guard.

Crossing guards are usually to protect people in busy street traffic. They try and stop speeding cars and keep it safe for pedestrians.

Be a crossing guard to stop unhealthy thoughts from creating havoc in the mind.

Let the thoughts be at a controlled pace.

It is easier to be in the slipstream of life when the thoughts are controlled.