Please Help Us to Share in the Joy of Jesus

Share in the joy of Jesus

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to share in the joy of Jesus.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11

As Catholics, we were raised with the notion that Jesus was a suffering person. Most paintings and statues of Jesus depicted the stigmata, the wounds of Jesus and his passive or tortured face on the cross. Was Jesus a joyful person? Can we share in the joy of Jesus? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom.


When just a snapshot is taken of one’s life, that moment defined the person’s whole life. Jesus was a happy person. He served a loving God. He knew and felt unconditional love. This was the message that was shared with the people. God had always been portrayed as mean and stern, a disciplinarian. One never would choose to become friends with the Creator. They actually would go out of their way not to be noticed for God was the one who brought pain and suffering.

Over 2000 years later, many still believe and say, “It was the will of God” when tragedy strikes. It is a paradigm shift today to believe God’s Essence is unconditional love. Imagine Jesus preaching this message. At first, the Pharisees ignored Jesus as a simple fool telling how God was full of love. As the people started to internalize the message and healings with miracles were taking place, the gatherings became mobs and were losing control. They use fear to gather funds and take control of the population. Throughout history, those that preached Jesus message of love are ridiculed by the media and are sometimes misrepresented in order to silence their message.

Jesus was full of joy. Everything he did was shared with the Divine Lord. He spoke so intimately of the relationship with God, some thought God was a person. Jesus spoke of one’s soul as more important than the physical body. This was a new thought.

*Jesus was in tune with the universe’s current of joy. The message was anyone can approach God and know they will be greeted with love. What a change of perception. Churches that use Jesus as their leader still were seeped in the power of fear and a God who is pleased with suffering. Even today, some are afraid to follow Jesus because that path leads to pain.

That is the complete opposite of the true teachings of Jesus the Christ. He taught the soul was eternal. Base your joy and happiness through this avenue for joy through this connection remains constant and is found within.

Jesus taught more than anyone else how the soul is valued more than the physical nature. Base your joy through the soul to grasp the true meaning of the energy of joy displayed.

*This joy is not sustained through the physical world but with the soul’s connection to the Most High God. This was the joy Jesus shared with the world.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little snowman.

People build snowmen from fallen snow. Though they are entertaining and bring pleasure to people passing by, the snowman’s very nature is to melt and go back into the nature of water.

If one realized their true nature was water or the soul, the design of the snowman would be seen as perfect, for each snowman is perfect in its imperfections.

Enjoy the snowman and know it will return to its natural state. Celebrate with joy whatever snowman the soul designed for it will surely melt soon enough.

Jesus taught of the joy of the soul, which encompasses the human essence.

Jesus taught the way to everlasting joy was through the door of the soul.

Let this truth be the living waters for the soul.