How do We Write the Script for Life

How do We Write the Script for Life

Dear Wisdom,

 Please allow us to revisit the subject of fate versus our own involvement in our future.

In your recent missive, YOU mention that life “ mirrors’ back our thoughts. Yet, we are also told that we are in a classroom, called Earth, in which we are here to learn lessons that our soul wished to tackle.

Yet, the Tony Robbins advocates would like us to think that we can conjure up whatever future we like based upon our thoughts. Yet, there are too many examples of people who do not fit into any of the above categories.

Are we masters of our own destiny? If so, how do we write the script of our lives, for better rather than for worse. Or are we merely draftees who report for duty in life and do what we are told or live this script that was handed to us? Thank YOU!

 Care to comment, Wisdom?


Fate means one has no choice. Why bother choosing a career path if it will not affect what happens. Believing one should be able to control their life with the thought leads to guilt because a person should be able to control their destiny. Either one of these ideas are the result of black and white thinking. Man has freewill which is part of the answer. The soul chooses earth to resolve past debts. People have personalities to help bring the problem to the surface. Some choose not to deal with any issues in this lifecycle. They make just enough choices to live in their world without being challenged to advance their souls mission.

The answer is not either fate or creative visualization to influence one’s future. Discover some clues what fate might hold and choose to create a plan to assist your desires. One also works in the confines of reality. Reality is the facts of life. A person can adapt to reality. If one is born shorter then they wish to be, they can wear shoes with heels that elevate their height. Pant legs can cover up the shoes allowing the human a look of being taller.

This does not change the reality of their normal height but the perception changes the belief in self. They have more confidence, which changes how one subconsciously signals the universe. Instead of defeat they believe more in them self. This attracts different energy into their boundaries. Fate would be the reality they are considered short in this time of history. There is nothing that can change the facts.

Creative visualization thinks 1 should be able to grow the inches. Choosing to control the destiny challenges the individual to be creative. Some people have made their size an asset. Many actors on the screen have made their personalities perfect for roles that if they were taller there would not be the same energy. Was their size actually an asset? One can spend their life cursing fate or another could be discouraged the creative visualization isn’t working. The universes question is: Is your reality a good thing or a bad thing? One decides the answer to the question.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little zipper.

Sippers help keep an item closed such as a jacket. It keeps the warm air in and the cool air out. People need zippers to help protect the body. One can use creative visualization as a way of zipping in psychic energy so it does not lose its strength.

Most do not realize the people who derive their strength by taking other people’s energy. You do not have to avoid the people, just “ zip” in your energy so there is no feeling of being drained when they leave. Have the angels fit you with a zipper. Play with this concept. You choose whether reality is an adventure or not fair.