Seek God in the Heart

Seek God in the heart

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide some enlightenment on Your recent missive: “Seek God in the heart. The Divine Lord has been waiting patiently for eternity.” 1/19/13

How do we seek God in the heart? This is a vague and intangible lesson that needs some explanation. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


“Seek God in the heart” is referring to seek the Most High with the emotions instead of logic.

Some try to box God into a definition. This only lets in the most tiny speck of sand in the  Sahara Desert. What little man can comprehend, now has shrunk to ego’s definition.

*Find God through the emotions because one can dig deeper to find more God. The mind tries to solve problems. God is not a problem. The logic tries to prove God exists but finds no concrete definition. Therefore, God must not exist.

Instead of looking outside of self, go within the silence to discover a whole new world that is explored through the senses, not the logical side of the brain. This is the doorway for the ego to enter.

When someone thinks of falling in love, the symbol is the heart. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with hearts and flowers to represent love. To seek God through the heart, one becomes God’s lover. When a person is truly in love, their focus is on what they truly love, be it a person, pet, food or God.

*To become a lover of God, seek God in all of life. Know you will not understand the reason behind some plots but some soul or souls requested the lesson.

Some societies tried to eliminate God. This way is a foundation based on ego’s delusions. For a time they are happy thinking they outsmarted God. Who does one call for as they sensed death near? They realize money will not comfort them or traveling around the world will stop the end to human life. They are facing reality and their mind has nothing to hang onto.

A wise man develops a relationship with a lover. God is your only true love.

*A soul’s time on earth is to experience this Lover through the human senses. Many die having ignored their most powerful and compassionate Lover.

*”Seek first the kingdom of heaven.”

Seek first for the real Lover of your life, then joy will follow. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little chocolate bar.

Chocolate alone has many health benefits but it is bitter. Adding sweetness to the chocolate changes the taste dramatically.

Thinking of God as powerful and incomprehensible leaves a sense of distance. Add the sweetness of love to create more of a God that brings feelings of joy and comfort. Let the Creator be that chocolate bar that lasts for eternity.