Appreciation With Expectation

Appreciation With Expectation

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to juggle the notions of appreciation with expectations for improvements in our lives.

“Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turn back, praising God with a loud voice.” Luke 17:15

We are taught by Wisdom and Scripture to be appreciative of what we have. And we are. We have been uniquely blessed with lives that are rich in many ways. We also are taught by some to constantly seek an improvement in our situation. While my wife is please to be in good health and out of pain, she would also like to walk and be fully restored in her health.  How does one give thanks for what they have while envisioning a better tomorrow? Can the two concepts peacefully coexist? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


It is good to be appreciative for all the blessings one has. God feels this sense of gratitude.

The Divine Lords nature is to create. One avenue is through the human being. It is unique to explore life. No human is the same. God is able to feel more creation through the human being. When man tries to create on their all, needing to be in total control, ego is the force that is making the decisions. Man thinks he is alone. He exists because of God but has the option to invoke God within to create or use ego energy.

Humans do not see the vibration attraction that takes place.

*Every thought, every aspect of life has a vibration.

Feelings activate the same vibration to gather force. When one feels appreciation, they are allowing God access to share these emotions.

*When one thinks they shouldn’t ask for anything more, they basically shut God out of the ability to create more through them. It is the Creators essence to create more.

One is not asking for too much, they are asking to be part of more creation. God doesn’t force anyone to create against their will. The problem for a human is they are not aware of the laws of the universe. Thoughts generate vibration. If the energy of feelings are added, more power is generated. That means the ability to manifest thoughts. When people say, “ I knew that would happen” is the power of thought coming to life with enough vibration. Why randomly creates situations into one’s life? Most spend their time on earth bouncing from one cluster of vibration to another. Many are surprised when something good happens because the thoughts were mostly forecasting disaster.

*To take control of one’s dreams, realize you cannot out dream God. There is so much   “free” vibration to utilize for having dreams become reality.

Remember, the key to unlocking desires into existence is attracting the right vibration with enough energy.

When one asked God to be in charge or the “Senior Partner” in one’s life, they realize nothing could be better than getting to create with the “Best Creator” in existence.

Show up to share ideas with feelings of success. God might say, “ Let’s get this in production” and there is celebration. God might say, “ It’s perfect but the timing is a little off.”   The third option might be something else that was not apparent but so much better.

When one creates with ego, there is fear and doubt.

*When one creates with God, feelings of joy flow. Believe in God.

*Why not create a masterpiece that is an original that had help with the “Silent Partner”. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with feelings of gratitude.

            You are welcome little dreamer.

Some people dream of the worst scenario in order to protect themselves. They fall into the egos lure of trying to control life. When one works with God, protection is already guaranteed in the bigger picture of life. Place your trust in God and dream big. Your dreams have been based on controlling life.

*Why not let God handle the details of the dream and your job is to focus on the dream with feelings of success. You’ve been stuck worrying about the leg and how weak it is. Guess what? You are attracting that vibration to keep it alive. Acknowledged the error in thinking and start creating with God, turning over all the little details that is no longer your concern. Give it to God. You were trying to do the “Bosses” job. Get excited. Know the universe had to wait for all the vectors to be in place.

*Let your dreams be manifested by God. You can stop worrying and start believing God is now in charge. That is truly a freeing concept.