A Spiritual Guide

A Spiritual Guide

Dear Wisdom,

Does everyone have a spiritual guide? In the American Indian culture, they believed in animal spirits as guides.

Are humans born with special spiritual helpers to be of assistance throughout their life, or do they need to ask for the assistance. Can one just make up whoever they want to come into their life and will have access to that spirit?

Thank you, Wisdom, for any insight.

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


            Most humans do not think of themselves as spirit.

Spirit is their true reality. Some souls that have previously been to Earth might choose help learning lessons. These guides were chosen before birth. Some people ask specific guidance from known saints or souls such as St. Christopher and travel.

Some cry out for help in times of danger and fear. It is usually their belief in an image of God. The Source of All Life always helps the souls on their path of eternity.

Humans feel disconnected from the spiritual realm and most wait until they are close to the end of the human existence. There is also the vibration of life and one’s ability to house higher levels for extended periods of time. What does this mean?

*Most won’t be drawn to higher levels of vibration for they feel comfortable with similar energy. When one starts on the path to raising their vibration, the denser vibration starts to leave. If the person is very attached to that energy, they can choose to not move forward.

In the space of silence, one can ask for special guides help but realize, you are asking for change at the human level. When one calls for a guide from the spiritual realm, they will offer assistance if that is what the soul desires, for the soul might need the human to delve a little deeper into denser energy, if the human chooses to do so.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in joy.           

            You are welcome, little chair.

 There are all different types of chairs. Some homes have a variety of different chairs. The more space there is, the more room there is for chairs. You can choose more than one guide as you add more space.