Respecting Self

Respecting Self

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to respect ourselves and not need the respect from others. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, he listed “having the respect of peers” as number 4 out of 5 sequential needs for humans. Many did not get much respect from their father. How do we respect ourselves and transcend the need for the respect from others?  Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


When one looks outside of self for love and validation they are creating resistance against the truth or reality that is a core lesson for the soul. Various reminders will be part of life’s challenges for one to seek their real essence and relationship with the source of all life.  A soul comes to earth with no memory of their true DNA bond with the Most High God.  They arrive in the third dimensional boundaries with the ego as representing the god of their reality. The convoluted nature has ego as the most important aspect for surviving which is ego driven as the driving force from birth.  This energy does not deal in true love but in imitation holding with its force the bonds of judgment, criticism and a need to compare self to others.

As long as one will look for love and validation outside of themselves, the lessons that will reflect this illusion will wage war. The egos role is to do battle with the soul. Many never go beyond the ego’s distractions and playground believing life should be one long recess.  This is not the reason for the spirit’s creating the specific script in order to resolve unmet spiritual pieces of the puzzle. Without the core reality, man is buffeted on the seas of egos distractions to separate one from their true heritage. It would be similar to a baby given up for adoption to a poor family even though his parents were King and Queen of a country. The child went through life not knowing their true roots.  Upon investigation and searching the truth, it uncovered a reunion that is full of joy. 

Did the fact the person had not known their real family history change the fact of who they truly were related to?  In a rudimentary example, so too is this similar to your own life story. Your DNA roots, the real ancestry, is that of the Almighty God.  This is the precise connection to your own parent. Any other belief is an imitation and jarring for the soul.  For the truth is, the soul knows the real mission of the human existence. This is to experience and express more of the Divine Lord’s nature which is unconditional love. One can only begin at the beginning—with self.  For you mirror back. The universe is a giant mirror for your advancement.  This is why reality is different for each person.  

*A person projects the blanks or missing pieces to the essence of the Lord God’s truth.  Scripts will materialize in order to work on the gaps and fill them in with unconditional love.  Think of all the problems of the earth’s plan. How much would be resolved with pure love? Even the planet itself can be burdened with man’s energy.  Anytime conflict arises in one’s life, first investigate the self for clues in regards to areas in your own life that might be denied loving acceptance. Did someone abuse self or are you abusing self with thoughts that deny self love?  Is love only given to self if another validates you? The world can be against you but the truth will set you free to soar in the currents of joy.

*The reality of life is the truth you are loved unconditionally exactly as-­‐is.  Not one more drop can be earned or bought. The third dimension is not the real existence of one’s being. This is held in the spiritual realm of eternity. The human is acting apart in the theater of life. When finished, the costume is hung up in the wardrobe. You are free of the heavy weight of the garment. When people criticize, judge, or demean they are reflecting their own projection of a lack of love. They assume strength and validation comes from riding on top of another. This is one of ego’s illusions. They will keep stirring up scenarios to work through the illusion that love is missing.

Once a human heals from the lies that they are not loved, life is perceived through a different lens. If events still hold negative energy for you, search in your own heart where love and acceptance is withheld. The scripts were created for your own soul work. Total enlightenment has one blessing their “enemy” for helping them dig beyond the surface, beyond the human drama, toward their true nature.

          Thank you so much wisdom with joy.

          You are welcome, little gardener. Plant the truth deep in the soil for all the nutrients to saturate the crop. The garden will thrive on love and joy.