Creating the Life You Want is Easy

Creating the life you want is easy

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on the recent powerful missive: “Creating life you want is easy.

Love the life you have.” (Wisdom 1/25/10)

Please help us to embrace the full meaning of this message. “Creating” implies being able to do something from scratch. Do anything you want. Yet, “love the life you have” implies “take what you got to make the best of it”. These are two diametrically opposing thoughts.

Please explain.  Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This statement is applying to the concept of loving reality.  Reality is. How you address the facts is in your control, unless forced to use mind-­‐altering drugs.  Remember the pattern for life, the spirit chooses a human body for growth in the arena towards uncovering more love. The human projects their own reality creating from the perception of the mind. In another explanation, all use reality to form their own individual and unique belief systems about life. This is why no two people are able to describe a car accident exactly alike unless coached on the answers. You cannot change realty that is or was in this dimension unless relying on outside dimensions for a different format. A person is born short; they grow to a certain stature. 

All the wishing and praying will not change the human vehicle’s factory blueprint.  Here is where the human can create life based on loving what is or railing against the facts.  Many people spend their life wishing for a different reality. The resistance brings only pain and suffering. A wise man realizes the setting is perfect for the soul advancement. Human’s belief is that they are the most important part of their total essence.  The ego is demanding to be in charge and in the spotlight. This energy force is your opponent in the game of life. Ego is on the side or the “I” identity.  The soul is on the side for unconditional love. Reality is the true facts unfolding. 

The ego and the soul try to advance their direction. Many think the game is only played on “Monday Night” where all the hoopla awaits.  The truth, the journey is in the little baby steps or moments of the day where one can choose love or fear to respond to the moment. Realize you create first through the thought process.  Here is where one can develop the ability to create a space or reflection.  How would love react instead of living on automatic pilot? One has the ability to view life from the stance of being attacked or given an opportunity to experience and express the Most High God.  Reality is a storm or earthquake reeking havoc.  Can you change that truth?  No.  But you can respond with a variety of choices.  Some promote advancement for the soul; other directions cater to the ego’s call.

*When one fights reality, they are beating on concrete fortress.  They will not budge one little block of stone.  Viewing life from a soul’s perspective will expand your awareness to uncover your true identity.  This is why the game is being played.

Thank you so much, Wisdom.

           You are welcome little seeker of the light. Shine from within to light the path of life’s journey. The fuel is eternal.