God’s Meaning of the Word Love

God's Meaning of the Word Love

Dear Wisdom,

Explain God’s meaning of the word “love”.  “God is love” is a common theme running through scripture and other religions.  “God is pure love” is a theme throughout twelve thousand pages of wisdom.  Reality is the “face of God”.  From Wikipedia; “As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, and ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person.  Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love to the profound oneness of devotion, religious love.

Human’s think of love as from a mother for a child or a spouse for their mate, or affection that wants the best for that person. Somehow the “God of love” has either placed or allowed billions of people to be in misery here on earth.  Poverty, famine, war, illness, incapacitation, violence, injustice and more plague our planet.  How does the “God of love” either allow or instigate all this misery.  Does God have a different definition of love than we humans? Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


There are no words in the earth’s languages to describe the Lord God or encompass Its’ true nature. The dominant species has laid claim to God as a male figure.  Even, Jesus chose to use the pronoun of “Father” and to describe God in order to give an anchor for the people’s imagination.  How can The Divine Lord be bottled and packaged in order to fit into man’s conscious thoughts?  What can not be even imagined?

*There is no description, no clue, and no theory that can even describe a portion of the Source of all Life.  A grain of sand in the Sahara Desert is too big to compare to the level of understanding any aspect of The Most High God.  Now wrap around the concept that this Essence does not “own” any of the blame on the doorstep designed to leave man’s problems and wishes man has accumulated.  Souls wish to draw closer to this power source of life. It is like a moth to a flame. Instinctively, the creature knows the light is a necessity to survive.  If the moth draws too close, the heat will destroy the moth.  Likewise, the soul can only go so close because of the vibrational force that can only harmonize with The Creator’s wide range.  The soul or spirit will try any way to advance forward.

*Earth is a planet to practice stretching and growing to fine tune its’ ability to encompass more of The Most High God. Trying to package and define the souls reasoning’s as to why a script of a play of life was invoked is impossible.  The word “love” is the closets definition a human mind can comprehend in addressing The Lord God. This is like a huge theatre.  The building houses many different plays.  The structure is there for the actors to perform roles. This is a crude definition of a tiny speck of the God of All.  The analogy was to describe the impartial role the building has for what takes place in its confines of the walls.  Though mankind cannot conceive of the true nature of The Most High God, there is the reaction of human nature to blame God for everything.  If something goes well, it is because of man’s brilliant deduction.

*When one truly comprehends the concepts that hold the truth in the book, “Loving What Is” or the “Tao” insights, life is lived with less judgment and more joy.  One stops rating life and starts enjoying the play.

          Thank you so much wisdom with joy.

You are welcome our little fire-fly.  Let the message take root and glow with the truth. God is unconditional love as humans know it.  Let this truth sink in at the heart level.  Shine brightly with this energy.