Please Help Us With Trust

Please Help Us With Trust

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with trust.  Much of your most appreciated and invaluable lessons have come down to trust in God and loving what is. Some had very poor teachers in our formative years on the subject of trust. How do we overcome the inability to trust as children and become fully trusting of the Lord’s plan for our lives?

Thank you.

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If you believe spirit is first and foremost important of the human vessel and life is but a teaching tool to grow in the vibration of love then the past is but a teaching vehicle.  Instead of staying stuck in the ego’s drama of being a victim, gleam the message life is but a mirror reflecting back your beliefs.  Find the key to unlocking doors that close out the light of truth. Maybe your father was untrustworthy and had a temper; do you allow thoughts that doubt your spiritual link with the creator? Do you get angry with self when a supposed mistake occurs? Does the ego feed the deception that you can only rely on self?

When there is energy in the thoughts from the past, there is unfinished business to deal with.  Instead of focusing on the ego’s point of view find the spiritual stumbling block.  You cannot trust in the Most High unless you trust in self.  When the lines of energy are unplugged you realize the truth.  This human journey is but a step to walk closer in the vibration of pure love.  Life’s dramas are just road signs pointing the way to a clear channel.  The sign is telling you where there is a clogged road or connection; ego wants to stay in the confusion that congestion of life.  Why?

The focus remains on the ego.  Look at the statements in the question regarding the past.  Is the belief not about what others did to you? There is the tone of look at how awful life was for me.  The ego loops this thought allowing no freedom to the lesson it holds. When someone attacks you see how you might be subconsciously undermining and attacking your true self.  Does someone doubt your knowledge? Do you doubt the truth that you are loved without conditions by your Creator? You cannot trust God any greater than you trust self.  The ego blocks the underlying weeds of doubt by blaming outside self.  When beliefs that others are challenging self, investigate where you are actually exhibiting the same energy towards self. 

The message is loud and clear.  Learn where there is lack of trust and love within and focus on changing that structure. You wish to trust more in the Almighty.  Trust more in yourself.  Realize the spiritual point of view focuses on the truth.  The ego’s eyesight focuses on self elusion. 

            Thank you so much Wisdom; in love and joy.

            You are welcome precious one.

In the love that removes all the blinders that the block the truth.  You are loved without condition.  You are perfect as is.  When this truth is internalized and lived the mirror will hold the image of the Lord.