Music to Heal

Music to Heal

Dear Wisdom, 

Please help one to better understand the value of music in healing and spiritual ceremonies.  The Nobel Prize winner sperm bank apparently produced an unexpectedly high number of musicians.  Is music tied to intellect? Does playing a musical instrument make you smarter? Or do you have to be smart to play a musical instrument? Why do some people hate music and others relish music?

Thank you for the gift of music.

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As in all life, music holds a vibration.  Some tones hold healing vibrations.  Words sang with the music have their own chord of a life force.  When the listener’s memory is triggered, they will also add a different layer of energy.  Sometimes it is healthy, sometimes not.  Violent word pictures with harsh tones creates agitation for the cells.  If a person is on the edge of invoking violence, playing a piece of music that is the same frequency can push them over the line of social behavior. 

Healing music can add vibration towards health with its quality of frequency.  A more complex mind can comprehend subsequently the fine nuances of a pattern.  People are trained in utero to feel the vibration of music.  Some had a mother that sang and listened to music in utero.  After birth, deep patterns that had been formed became a natural tendency to gravitate towards the vibration. Some have no such memory to trigger a soothing reaction. 

Learning memorization facts will be retained with more accuracy if combined with music.  Music can touch deeply. When used in ceremonial events, the occasions will hold deeper meaning.  The difference between a party with music or without affects the atmosphere.  People loosen their rigidity when a pleasant vibration surrounds them.  The people who do listen will be soothed.  These moments of relaxation will help in their healing process on a spiritual level.

The music will even help in the process of a soul leaming in the human vessel.  If this music helps one soul deal with the human body’s challenges, the Creator deems the project worthwhile.  When one plays music the choices of songs affect the people’s mood.  If one played all sad, depressing songs the applause would diminish.  If every song was frenetic people would become agitated.  One’s balance is healing in itself. 

Know there is a change in vibration in a room when music is played.  How a body interprets the energy is their complexity towards vibrational tone. Some react with a violent nature when certain notes are invoked either by an instrument or vocal volume.  Some people react with pleasure to the same energy.  All are unique. Choose to see value in influencing anyone towards a more positive internal frequency.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, in love. 

            You are welcome little one in the love that sings to the beat of your heart.