Create By Us or Loving What Is

Create By Us or Loving What Is

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to better understand the difference between situations that we created through our thought patterns and situations where we need to love what it is.  In a recent message you taught us that life is a giant etch-a-sketch where you draw the lines.  There isn’t any energy until you create the energy. This indicates that our current situation was sketched by our thoughts.  

Yet you also tell us that earth is a classroom for the soul, that embracing reality means embracing God, which means that we should just shut-up, sit down, and hold tight for the ride of life.  

Do we sketch our life or embrace what comes or both?  Thank you.

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


You were born into a classroom setting because the soul chose the lesson plan.  The human mind can choose to spend the life cycle resisting what is.  One might be born with a birthmark on their face.

They think it is ugly and look with shame in the mirror.  So they believe all who stare at their presence sees only the tragedy.  Life evolves around this issue.  They never move beyond this concern.  There have been people who have a more severe disfigurement and still embrace their life.  They have not rejected that segment of their life.  It just is part of who they are because this is what reflects outwards.

People do not feel as much of a reaction treat the person as a whole human being.  And the defect is just a natural part of their package.  

Loving what is indicates no resistance to reality.  You are stuck in the belief : This means do nothing. This is the furthest truth of all because the mind is not spinning its wheels trying to resist life.  One becomes an active player because the rules of the game of life are understood.  You go beyond the reflection of another’s thoughts and are focusing on the truth of the situation. There is a freedom of energy that can be slated for movement rather than the energy spent in shame.  Loving reality frees a person from the ego’s trap of analyzing and criticizing life.  How much time is spent in rationalizing the beliefs which resist what is? What if you comprehended the truth that life is perfect for the soul’s grove and you chose to embrace life instead of resisting the facts?  

The last turn around part to the inquiry lesson gives a plan of action to be followed in training the human to raise its vibrational level.  Let us say someone irritates you.  Where do you not reflect this same trait? Do you not use similar fear patterns in the housing market or world events whereby you scare yourself into feeling vulnerable and loss of control? 

The turn around aspect is to discover where the same energy is within self and turn it towards a more positive energy. Do you scare yourself of events that may or may not come to pass? This does not mean you roll over and play dead, far from it. One could plan to have extra food staples on hand with flashlights in good condition while enjoying nature’s show and free self from anxiety. 

You can enjoy the housing theater while being open to the universe steering the course of action. Trusting in the Almighty to direct your course frees you to enjoy the trip.  You will be ready to move if this is the action indicated.  When one is working in the flow of life there is not the need to have ego at the helm wanting to control all the plots it created. 

When you dial into the station of God with a strong connection of trust, you will find there is no need to micromanage perceived threats.  No, when you love reality you are more productive.  Energy is not lost resisting life.  There is also more enjoyment and zest for life without the need to control what is.

          Thank you so much Wisdom in love.

          You are welcome little one in the love that holds the truth.

This being you and life truly are perfect as is.  Walk with this truth.