God of Love or God of Reality

God of Love or God of Reality

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the seeming disparity between the God of love and the God of reality.  The Bible has over seven hundred references to love including, “Dear Friends, Let us love one another for love comes from God,” 1 John 4 chtr 7.  Meanwhile Wisdom has told us to love reality.  God is reality as in the book,  “Loving what Is”, by Byron Katie.

Reality includes thousands of daily murders, rapes, robberies and assaults.  Where is the God of love when a child is molested? When an animal is killed by a predator? When warlords rule over much of the world today? Is all of this love? If not, then, ”Is God dead” as asked by the New York Times in 1970’s?

With utmost respect, thank you.

Care to comment Wisdom?


Let Us take baby steps with this concept. Some are being challenged by a condition which is closer to their heart than global human injustices.  There is loving reality when one is having a good day.  But if the attitude is wobbly, it swings into depressing thoughts and the mood grows somber.  There is judging and analyzing the performance of all aspects of life.  This analyzing is wearing one down and discouragement becomes frequent.  There is no loving a reality when appearances are lacking your approval.  When someone is trying to lose weight, do not weigh yourself every hour.  Sometimes the numbers are deceiving.  If building muscle, weight will be gained.  If you’ve eaten or are constipated the weight is inaccurate.

Many varieties can affect the scale.  It is the overall appearances.  Do clothes fit better? Does one have more energy? Stay away from obsessing about the number on the bathroom scale for that alone can cause defeat. The reality is that the human vessel is holding the spiritual lesson test.  It is a fact you can love the opportunity to grow in spirit or make you feel depressed with thoughts that are creating scenarios of doom and gloom.

Some are afraid of a loved one’s impending funeral causing the body stress factors that need to be dealt with.  You see the picture through human eyes and human needs to control the outcome.  When this piece of the puzzle is comprehended the tools used can be appropriate for any scenario life has to offer.  Why are you alive? Is the time spent solely for human needs and lusts? Is one born with nothing, lives, then dies with nothing? What is the point? There is no point if the focus is from a human perspective.  If spirit is the orchestrator of the life’s make-up and lesson plan, reality will reflect back the soul’s homework.  If your world holds clues for spiritual growth, would it not be wise to find out the insight?

Sometimes health issuies are a huge spiritual springboard to grow in loving reality. This lesson can be reflected upon many times delving deeper into the answer of what is reality trying to show you. Until the truth is realized you cannot be set free from the human self-inflicted bondage.  One will look outside of themself for unconditional love.  When death prevails it will not be with concern of the possessions gathered rather the amount of love garnered and shared.

          Thank you so much Wisdom, in love and joy.

          You are welcome treasured one.

Loving self unconditionally is a life long experience.  Revel in the truth that this essence already has been the Almighty’s gift to you.  Unwrap this priceless concept.