Love & Trust Part of Our DNA

Love & Trust Part of Our DNA

Dear Wisdom,

Your many invaluable missives have included a central theme in our lives, lessons, and happiness:  “Trust in God” and “Loving what is.”  Please help us to make these invaluable concepts part of our DNA. 

From Mellen-Thomas Benedict: “As I begin my return to the life cycle, it never crossed my mind, nor was I told that I would return to the same body.  It just did not matter.  I had complete trust in the light and the life process.”  Meanwhile, our human nature is to need to control our lives: while also having a logical mind that consider “fairness” and the lack of logic and justice in life.  We need to overcome these “hard wire” mechanisms in our life to be able to embrace “…complete trust in the light and life process.”  Please help.

Thank you!

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Remember to validate experiences as your own, rather than not believing all expect justice, fairness, or using a logical reasoning.  Most do not want justice if it is at the expense of self.  Most do not apply logic if they come out on the err side.  So we will answer the question with your perception of right and wrong which takes the attitude of judging life.  This action is setting up the stage for judging reality which means judging The Most High God.

*Reality is but the stage to unravel life lessons through a human vehicle.  Most spend the theater time focusing on the human prop rather than agenda and the story line.  “Is it a good hair day?”  Is the depth the choice many choose to focus on.  The outlook is all about self.  Your theme line is God should be “just” according to your calculations of assumed actions to be taken when drama becomes more chaotic.  When this avenue is mapped out for The Almighty, a box is formed for the Source of all life to fit into the dimensions assigned.  This action is actually trusting in the self over any different attempt to explore alternative beliefs.  “My way or the highway” is a sign posted for God to work within its confines.

*Letting go to allow God to help create a better plan takes trust in the notion only good can come through the hands of The Divine Lord.  One can state the theory as to why a certain road should be taken but the reality is one can not see around the bend and any barriers that lie in wait.  Loving what is in totality, loving the format The Lord God accesses the soul’s desire to draw closer to the life force of The Most High.  Most assume life is a challenge to solve in their favor.  What if the perception of the enfoldment of the moment-to-moment time frames were exactly what the soul’s desire to conquer their summit that brings them closer to the true source of life?

*When one is suffering mentally, they usually refuse to let go of their plans for life to follow.  They feel denied and rejected because the ideas for the concern were not followed.  Many “stomp their feet” figuratively.  Trust is nowhere to be found.  If one truly wishes to be a lover of life while trusting in The Divine Lord, their perception needs to be focused on the bigger picture than just egos “spoon-fed” empty calorie menu.  Reality is not seen as the enemy.  Realization of the gifts for each individual soul is accepted with an attitude of gratitude no matter the shape, or the surprise within.  Some spend the time complaining about how the treasure is not to their liking.  How would you like to have someone spend the whole time complaining about a surprise you tried to treat them with knowing the present was exactly what they needed?  Though God loves the people no matter the bluster, there is no heat involvement in the reaction dispensed. 

*One cannot trust in God if they are in conflict with reality.  If a person is battling reality, they really are at war with the self.  It is more “logical” to find the message trying to get through than inflict self-wounds.  The insight was requested for the spirit’s advancement for greater awareness into the depths of The Creator of Life.  To be able to expand the vibrational frequency of the spirit’s force field getting rid of the debris blocking the course takes effort on the human aspect of the soul.

*Start loving reality by ceasing to judge and rate the settings and acts brought to life.  A curiosity of how your plans have been changed brings healthier results than rejecting reality or what is fact.  “Loving what is” takes investigation into the teaching assignment set aside for your benefit.  Resist reality means resisting life for God.  Loving reality is trusting in The Most High God to love you unconditionally and even if the teaching tools elude the solving of the puzzle.  You know only good can come from this challenge.

          Thank you so very much wisdom with love.

          You are welcome precious raindrop.  A raindrop is part of the whole ecosystem.  It has all the same qualities.  You can merge with the whole.  Be willing to bond with this truth.