Love Self Unconditionally

Love Self Unconditionally

Dear Wisdom,

 Please help us to love ourselves unconditionally.

On numerous occasions, YOU have told us to love unconditionally, starting with ourselves. Yet we are taught from the cradle to the grave to love ourselves conditionally, only if we get good grades, or eat our supper, or mind our parents, or do anything that the priest has told us. We judge ourselves endlessly about looks, performance, income, and compare ourselves to others, then wonder how we can love ourselves unconditionally.

Please help us to love ourselves unconditionally in a world that is so full of conditions.

Thank you.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


A human looks for faults- that is his nature. This is the ego’s nature. It is also the survival instinct. To love oneself unconditionally, a person loves from the soul’s viewpoint. One can look deep into their own eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on seeing a deeper level of self. One can talk to the soul. The body is just a jacket for the soul. Know this aspect of self is more real. Here is where unconditional love can be found. The rule model is the Christ Within. 

This is pure love. Here is the template: to love without conditions no matter what you see in the mirror. You love the soul unconditionally and realize the body is perfect to master lessons. As one raises their vibration level, they can absorb more God. First, love the soul unconditionally. Then see the human as perfect in this time and space. You do not know all the details for why you are in the body but there is a reason why each defect is so important. One could say: “ I do not know why the body is like this, but I do know God needs me just as I am at this time to be part of the universal plan.

One can change. They are not stuck. First, the thoughts have to change. The Most High God can assist with the endeavor. One cannot look in the mirror, focus on their problems and think they can love themselves unconditionally. Let the soul and the Divine Lord be the teachers.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, with love

            You are welcome our little mulcher.

 This tool can take material that would be throwing away and make a healthy byproduct. You can mulch beliefs that no longer serve a purpose and make them beneficial. Always add love to the pile.