How to Fix Defects in the “Fabric of the Soul”

How to Fix Defects in the "Fabric of the Soul"?

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on your recent missive: “Humans need to master defects in the fabric of the soul’s essence.” (Wisdom 1-30-10).  How did we get these defects if God created us “In His own image and likeness,” which would make us perfect like God?  How do we master these defects in the fabric of our soul’s essence?  Thank you!

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Think of a newborn baby.  They are innocent of any ego’s nature beyond the survival mode to maintain a human vessel.  They are pure in this aspect.  As they evolve, their needs are listed as more important than anyone else’s. Their nature forms and the human personality fights “figuratively” to remain number one. The Lord God is doubted.  The soul is ignored for the human realm.  Earth is a testing ground for soul’s advancements but in the third dimension, a spirit can mute their spiritual vibration with human interference and karmic clusters.  One places self above The Lord God and fear before love.

*A defect is believing anything that is sitting on the throne of The Almighty is authentic.  This is sometimes, money, food, greed, power, or any human belief taking over the reigns.  These are illusions, or defects of the truth.  Similar to the spirit’s birth, a baby is born with a clean slate, but they are immature and not molded into any particular pattern or shape.  They have little personalities.  The spirit has little advancement of the vibrational range one can develop. The core nature is the essence of The Divine Lord, but no personality has developed nor maturity gleaned from experience. 

The core is the DNA from The Most High.  A baby is the make up of the DNA gene pool of the parents’ ancestry.  The nature is the same.  Parents will not come out of the delivery room with a puppy or another animal as their child.  Humans are rooted in the soil of The Master Gardener.  This is their true nature.  Any other belief is an illusion.  A baby is with no marks created but also at the infancy stage.  Spirits are born from within the Source of all life but evolve into unique aspects that share their nature with their Creator.  There are instances that challenge who they truly are.  The battles can leave behind wounds.

*One can address their issues now or later.  But they will be addressed.  The universal law of cause and effect is in place.  Whether believed or not.  The “defects” can be attributed to unfinished business in this realm.

           Thank you so much wisdom with joy.

           You are welcome little songbird.

Sing from the core level of joy.  This song lasts for eternity.