Expand the Meaning of Christmas

Expand the Meaning of Christmas

Dear Wisdom,

Please allow us an expanded understanding of the meaning of Christmas in our lives.

The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh to the birth site of Jesus. Please expand the meaning of gold as a gift for the baby Jesus. We see gold as a valuable and indestructible metal that holds its value both in industry and as a form of monetary exchange. Are there other reasons why gold was brought? Frankincense and myrrh are sold today as possible healing agents. What is the significance of these gifts to Jesus? What is our take home lesson here? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


These three presents given to the baby Jesus were considered extremely valuable. Gold is still valuable. It would help feed and clothe Jesus and his parents for a long time. Being ostracized meant Joseph had a harder time finding steady work. Word traveled almost as fast as by phone today. The wise men knew of their challenges to come. The Old Testament predicted some of the destiny that awaited Jesus.

Frankincense was a powerful symbol used in the temples for spiritual connection with God. Most households could not afford this incense. The temples used frankincense as a sign of agreeing with what the Pharisees said. It was said to have healing properties and used when the Pharisee attempted a display of the ability to heal.

Many thought the Frankincense had the power to heal. Being presented with frankincense was a symbol of healing. That Jesus destiny was for healing. Jesus would heal both the physical and spiritual part of the person. Joseph and Mary gave small amounts of the incense to those who believed in Jesus and came seeking to be healed. Those healings were not recorded.

Myrrh was use for cleansing of body at birth and death. Myrrh has antibacterial properties. The more wealthy people’s children were able to live longer because of the protection myrrh holds.  This anointing that took place in the stable helped the physical body of Jesus. The Old Testament mentions Jesus’s death and that the body would be purified again.

Mary and Joseph always kept a portion of the oil to anoint Jesus upon his death. These three gifts were for Emanuel, God’s son, while on earth. This was also declaring that Jesus was the long awaited Son of God. All the prophecies came true.

Today, a person wants the story of Christmas to have a meaning that feels real. Some feel they are not good enough for God’s love because of past errors. Jesus was not affected by where his birth took place. It actually was perfect for it fulfilled the prophecies.

Everyone can come as they are. Jesus will anoint you for healing. The sins, (or errors in thinking) have already been forgiven by Christ Jesus. It is the human who cannot forgive them self or another. God has been rejected many times.

*The Most High just wants a person to feel the unconditional love that waits to slip in when the heart door opens even a crack.

God is there to bathe the face from the tears of heartache a human lives. Only with God can one find true peace and love.

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little mint patty.

Mint patties have a chocolate coating with a filling of mint cream. It would not be a mint patty without the 2 parts.

*Balance the spiritual and physical aspect of the human essence. Only both make up a complete package of the human. Combined, they create a synergism. Savor both aspects of the self for balance. Life will be more complete.