How to have Peace of God

How to have Peace of God

Dear Wisdom,  

Please help us to attain the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:7.  How can we have this peace?  Elvis Presley was rich, famous, healthy, handsome, and talented; yet once said “I would give a million dollars for a day of true peace.” 

Many celebrities seem to be in a similar predicament.  Envied by most, but rarely at peace.  Since human trappings do not give us peace, then what does? 

Thank you.

Care to comments Wisdom? 


*Humans searching for peace through human actions will fail 100% of the time. 

The nature of the life cycle is to grow spiritually through human imperfections.  No human is perfect.  There will always be disappointments.  To try and anchor peace with this unpredictable sea of emotions will surely disappoint.  To capture the authentic energy of peace and love, one must look elsewhere.  As in a garden, one does not stick a plant in the ground and leave it on its own to flourish.  First the ground is prepared.  Debris and rocks are removed.  Then healthy soil and nutrients are added.  The plant is positioned in the finest area,  planted and watered.  Then tended to if fruit is to be healthy. 

*If one wants peace of mind, create peace through the soul.  Get rid of negative beliefs.  Nourish the mind with the truths of the Most High.  Plant a belief and tend to it hourly.  The mantrum nourishes and brings life to the truth.  Plant the seed of the tree of the Almighty.  Let this grow into a tree that will nourish, shade, and bring beauty to the heart.  Your belief in the Divine is a living vibration.  Just thinking a thought and expecting it to flourish is similar to throwing a tree on the ground and assuming it will thrive.  One must grow in the energy of peace to have it firmly rooted.  Then when trials and tribulations crop up, the mind is anchored in the energy of peace.  The tree of peace is the tree of life.  This is the essence of the Creator, which is a love that humans cannot fully grasp. 

*Peace of mind needs faith in the spiritual realm that the soul is more important than the human vessel.  Life is to help you draw closer to the Most High.  That it was your spirit, not God, that set up the human gauntlet.  Your mission is to learn self love, creating more space to love the Redeemer.  Only in this garden will you find true peace.

            Thank you so much Wisdom in love.

            You are welcome little one in the love that can never wither.

 It is your outlook that will decide how much of God’s love you are willing to house.