Significance of Noah’s Ark

Significance of Noah's Ark

Dear Wisdom, 

Please teach us of the metaphorical or literal significance of the Biblical reference to Noah’s ark surviving the flood.  Did God flood the earth and kill all but a few creatures that were left on Noah’s ark. 

Or was this story a metaphor for something in our lives.  God promised not to destroy the earth again with flood with the symbol of peace being a rainbow.  But that still leaves plenty of options for God to destroy the earth through global warming, ice age, meteor, etc.  Are any of these ahead for us?  What is the personal take home lesson from the destruction of the earth by flood and the saving of Noah’s ark?  Thank you.

Care to comment Wisdom?


             The story is both a bit of literal and metaphorical.  A flood did happen and there is spiritual significance.  The flood was over a major portion of land, all that was known at the time.  The earth regenerates itself periodically.  When the waters recede, wild life was needed to start the population at the same level of evolution.  Noah also had grains and seeds stored to grow food.  In that era of history, it was their world that was flooded.  Noah’s significance is the belief in a single God and willing to follow the lead, even through criticism and jeering, the focus never wavered.

* His life was serving his spiritual nature not immediate gratification.  People throughout existence rarely believed in their own demise.  This has been programmed into the natural instinct and ego drive.  Planning and nurturing for the spiritual realm is a rarity.  Noah devoted his life to such a cause.  In a person’s life today and throughout history, the lesson is still alive.  It maybe is not on such a grand scale now, but the message rings clear.  How many people in America are prepared for a flood like disaster?  People do not have savings or food stocked to last a month.  The thought that life will continue as has been lived is the fallacy most people believe. 

*More important there hasn’t been a garden planted or tended for spiritual nourishment.  The soul can have different human vehicles but the purpose remains the same.  Grow in love to raise the frequency level until being able to merge with the Most High.  Pave a strong road to the Christ within, then when calamity strikes you have a life raft.  Why wait for the “big one”?  Practice on little problems to build spiritual strength.  Society is more interested in ego drives.  If one does not develop strength beforehand when human disaster strikes, they have no armament for self protection. 

*It is more valuable to start now and preparing spiritual strength when life is more tranquil, than waiting for calamity to strike.  Every day strengthen the temple within.  Noah worked a lifetime building a sanctuary.  Every day was time for the minute details.  So too you can build a sanctuary.  Basing the foundation in the Creator’s soil.

            Thank you so much Wisdom in joyful love.

            You are welcome precious child. 

Build in the soil enriched with the essence of the Divine: love.