How to Develop a “Bunker of Joy”

How to Develop a “Bunker of Joy”

Dear Wisdom,

Please tell us how to develop a “bunker” of joy.  In World Wars I and II, soldiers would create bunkers to survive the storms of bullets and bombings.  We need to develop a bunker of joy to survive the onslaught of negativity that comes our way daily.  We get pleasure and even happiness when a day goes right.  A lucky break, good sex, a fabulous day of weather, a good buzz from wine, congratulations from colleagues on a job well done.  But those pleasures and happiness are fleeting.  We are eager to establish an unassailable bunker of joy in our hearts.  

Please help us.  Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


Happiness is defined in physical human pleasures.  Events played out in the third dimension are fleeting and can be set aside with a hailstorm of conflicting emotion.  Joy that is unending is found in the presence of the source of all life.  Here one finds an anchor to stay secure in the drama of the human theatre.  Maintaining a connection with your Creator on a personal level brings a truth to the purpose of life’s enfoldment.  *Realty might not be understood but is accepted as having a purpose to further the comprehending for the spiritual realm.  When one accepts their “human coat” as secondary to their soul’s mission, the human plots and scripts are not dramatized as the “end of the world” mentality but rather a piece of the puzzle to unlock greater insight for the spirit’s enfoldment.

*If one truly realizes life’s theatre of drama is but lessons the soul requested to decipher more of The Most High God, a paradigm shift can occur.  Rather than perceiving life is lived coming “at” you, the focus is switched to the universe reflecting what the spirit desires to understand at a deeper level; the complexities of The Almighty’s love.  This view is the eternal picture rather than the finite timed limitation.  Yes, all experience this “death” of the human vehicle, because the action initiates the birth of a changed vibrational energy at the spirit level.

*All human action gathers clusters of energy that attach to similar force patterns.  No matter how slight the thought or action holds, a change is released.  One is building or weakening their soul’s tuning fork to be able to know more of The Lord God.  Facing the concept of joy from the human script is an illusion.

*True joy can be found in the currents of The Diving Lord’s life stream.  Joy is found in the heartbeat of your Creator.  One can tune into the truth that your spiritual heartbeat is aligned with The Most High.  When a person reconnects with their true parentage, a sense of the wonderment of joy floods their essence.  You are no longer alone going through the human battle unarmed.  The spring of joy’s life force flows for eternity.  When problems and skirmishes pop up in one’s life, staying in the current or flow of joy takes an alert mind set.  Before a solider goes into battle, they train in a safe environment.  Likewise, a person trains the mindset with a mantra and meditation to develop a controlled steady focus on The Most High’s essence.  Honing the skill takes practice and dedication. 

How many people wait until their flame of human existence is flickering before looking around for another light source?  One can stay in the energy of joy throughout their third dimension trip with the key to unlocking the truth.  This key uncovers the true treasure of existence.  Training to be god-like is living a mirrored lifestyle.  This would be expressing and experiencing the energy of unconditional love.  Let this force be the cornerstone or rock your life’s foundation rests.  Joy will be your life’s spiritual blood source.

           Thank you so much wisdom with love.

          You are welcome our little warrior.

Serve your leader from a heart full of joy.  There are no losers in this battle.  Know the ending is already solved.  Unconditional love wins every time.