How Do We Control Our Ego?

How do we control our ego

Dear Wisdom,

Please allow us to revisit an old subject, “How to control our ego”. 

In your recent missive, “The ego has the human reigns unless otherwise directed…ego has the microphone and volume control buttons…the spirit waits patiently to be heard.”  (2-25-10)  Why does it seem like such an uphill battle to control ego?  This is like a David and Goliath match.  Most people, without the splendid guidance you have given us, are somewhat in a luge sled with no brakes or steering wheel. They seem destined to “wipe out”.  Why does ego have so much power from the beginning?  How do we conquer this ego?  Does it take many lifetimes for many people to take back the reigns from ego? 

Thank you!

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The ego is the opposing force or player for the spirits to help advance the souls on their mission to expand their vibrational field.  Souls can return to the earth to discover or resolve issues that promote insight into The Most High’s essence.  Nothing in the universe is random.  Seemingly illogical and incomprehensible for human logic, the spiritual realm has a perfect reason behind this script being enacted.  In regards to the question that requires why some get all the breaks while others the challenges, we will use a very simplistic example.  Someone wants to learn the guitar.  At first, simple hand positions feel awkward.  Basic movements are constantly needed to be replayed over and over.  One cannot progress further until the fundamental foundation is accomplished.  

Baby steps are taken to move to the ability of strumming a whole three corded song.  The player is so proud of themselves.  With much repetition, the song becomes boring and a new, more difficult pattern is attempted.  In order to master the craft, hours and hours of practice are invested.  With the pathways of knowledge flowing in the brain for automatic response, songs can be learned at a faster rate.  More challenging melodies become a fun experience.  The more time spent comprehending the art form, the more proficient one can become.  What started out as a hobby, turned into a passion.  The spirits want to learn The Lord God’s nature.  In order to understand, much practice is needed to uncover the true essence of The Most High God.  As with the guitar practice, all sorts and types of distractions try to lure one away from the goal line.  In football, the opposing team works hard at keeping you from scoring points.  That is the nature of the game. 

How do you train the ego?  How did you learn the guitar?  Practice.  Practice with a loving hand.  Screaming and berating self does not encourage compliance.  Training with love is the simple formula.  The ego has a fistful of excuses as to why one should not practice in order to perfect the desired goal.  One needs to be diligent in their focus.  Accomplishments do not unfold for the distracted mind.  One of ego’s missions is to distract you from the true goal of life.  Be aware, all that is not of the desired outcome is a false imitation of your mission.  This is ego’s job.  The spirit wishes to hone the skills in experience and expressing The Divine Lord.  Be aware of ego’s tricks to derail your attempts when practicing this holy union.  Ego is not to be feared, but tamed.  Practicing meditation and a mantra helps in this endeavor.

          Thank you so much wisdom with love.

          You are welcome our little robin. This bird alerts people to the advent of spring.  They are a symbol of what is to come.  Believe in your own spring arriving.  Believe in order to see, not see in order to believe.  Love fuels this unveiling.