How to “Dance with God?”

Dance with God

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to  “Dance with God“.

We see life as a journey in which we can let ego direct the course, or life as a journey with God directing. Perhaps more than a journey, we wish life to be a dance in which the two partners (us and God) are moving as one with a sense of grace and dignity that brings the meaning of life to a new level. We wish to more then just survive life, but thrive in life and savor the dance of life with God. Please tell us how to do this. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


In dancing, there is always the partner who leads if there is to be a graceful movement to the dance. If both tried to lead, there can be a stalemate and a stiffness taking the joy out of the experience. There are TV shows where 6 guests are being interviewed. It seems confusing and loud when they all talk at once. There is no control when one person tries to talk over another. Isn’t this what people try to do to God? They do not realize why God is leading them in one direction. They just know that is not the way they want to go.

With the ego telling the person to choose what they want, God is seen as a dictator who wants to make life a hardship. These are the people who want God to ignore them. Others that think God only dances with those with a hardship to bear. Ego tells of a God who doesn’t have time for your concerns. Who wants to let this Entity lead them through life?

*Wouldn’t it be fun to dance life’s song with the One who created the music and will be the most patient and loving Dance Instructor you can find?

Even with past flaws that have been picked up, this Teacher starts fresh and holds you with loving arms so you can follow whatever direction taken. Rather than resisting, one glides smoothly to the song of life. There are no stumbling blocks to cause you to fail.

*God loves the sense of freedom and joy moving with a willing partner. All have the Most High on their dance card. It is each person’s decision to either join in the most important event or to stay stuck in ego’s distractions. God never forces one to dance. One’s soul came to earth wearing a human coat for this reason.

*You can let the soul go to the “Ball”. This ball can last for eternity where the dance and music flows. You choose whether the Dance Instructor will guide you through the moves or the ego breaks in and tries to create distraction on the dance floor.

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy in my heart.

            You are welcome our little sock.

Socks cover feet keeping them warm. They also help one glide more smoothly on the floor. If one allows their partner to lead, socks create less resistance. Let the feet with socks follow God’s lead. The Divine Lord will make sure you go home the winners in the couple’s contest.

*People do not believe how much God wants to be your winning partner.

You can’t lose with this Master Teacher. In a human phrase, “the deck is marked”. You can’t lose.