Do Something or Trust in God

Do Something or Trust in God

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to know when we are expected to do something and when we are expected to “trust in God”.  We have been instructed to give God the reigns to move into the co-pilot seat.  Yet knowing what to do and when is most puzzling.  

Do we lay on the floor and wait for some deep vast voice in the sky to tell us what to do?  Do we expect a miracle in one’s healing? In the story about the devout Christian who drowns and goes to heaven, he asks God, “I thought you would save me?”  God said, “I sent a fisherman’s boat, a rescue squad, and a police helicopter.  How much more could I do?” These are obvious rescue people.  We’re faced with much less obvious rescue people or signals in our lives.  How do we know when to “do something” and when to “sit there and pray”? Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


My child, one does not start and stop or stop and start to pray.  One prays unceasingly.  Truly, the thoughts are prayers with enough focus directed toward an outcome whether the person is aware of this direction or not spiritually. The Lord God is not meant to be treated like a giant genie in the sky where wishes are expressed and expected to be fulfilled. This is an impersonal relationship with Your Creator. The soul wished for an intimate joining whereby the human can have the ability to experience and express or mirror The Most High’s essence which is unconditional love.

When a person has found their true love or “soul mate”, this love of their life is not stored on the closet shelf and only addressed when the feelings are of a needy quality.  No, the relationship is nurtured and allowed to blossom daily.  There is joy and expectancy when even just mentioning the name or daydreaming about the next opportunity to meet.  How much greater can the bonding take place when carving out the spot or the seat for The Divine Lord to take up residence.  Joy can be the very energy that flows then joining with your Creator regularly.  Some choose to have the Source of their life as the most important aspect of their third dimensional existence.  When love is the result of a bonding, the theory of being “sucker punched” is not even assumed as a possibility.  Likewise, The Lord God never withholds a prayer request unless for honoring the soul’s agenda.

The spirit may have chosen to work on the concept of the trust issue and wants the human to apply this energy to be able to grow closer to The Creator.  In this arena, a person realizes that they only see a very tiny aspect of the whole picture.  Why not trust the source of this eternal movie to know the timing for plot lines to be enacted or the direction that a person is demanding to be taken leads in the opposite direction or down to a dead end?

If one places their heart in their True Love’s care, there is no doubting that the perfect outcome will take place. The energy is not one-sided with expecting your Master Builder put forth all the work.  The relationship is also not where you always ask and expect to receive. This is not a healthy bonding.  As with a human lover, all the time can be dedicated to growing the life force together.  How much of an intimacy can be felt if the person left on year long or even decades trips without you? Staying in the feeling of closeness would dissipate over time. The Lord God’s love for you never falters, but the human’s nature is more fragile.

Like a garden, one never stops tending, weeding, and watering the land if they want a flourishing garden to be maintained.  A plant might have been desired to grow in the middle of the garden.  What you might not have known is that this bush was a toxic element in the garden.  You might only realize this aspect after time passes. If you allow the Master Gardener to have access to oversee the caring of your plot, the unhealthy plant might have been addressed in the sprouting stage. There are also seeds that take longer than most to germinate. Allow your teacher the avenue to instruct the proper time frame to unfold.  You have not the insight as to how long this process will take. Some plants are meant to hold the space for the right crop to be planted. Trust in your True Lover of life.  Believe only the best is in store for you.

          Thank you so much wisdom with love.

You are welcome little seedling.  Let the planting take root and flourish on the foundation of love. Here is where the tender roots will flourish and grow.