Gnawing Ambition vs. Happy With What You Have

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to balance the inner ambition that you gave us to improve our lives with the ability to enjoy what we have – to silence the knowing void.  Humans have evolved materially well beyond cave man days because of this God given drive to improve our lives.  Yet saddled on top of that horse is the feeling of lack; I’ll be happy when…

Hollywood is full of people who are healthy, handsome, rich, famous and being sexually active.  Yet many of them make a mess of their seemingly full lives.  How can we silence the knowing void that says we need more; yet still pursue dreams with our ambition?  Thank you.

Care to comment Wisdom?


What void are you trying to fill? What lack of completeness is missing? Man searches for this missing piece of the puzzle to make the picture whole, filled in.  There are those who think people should comprehend they have it all.  The human aspect of their life looks showered with abundance.  It doesn’t seem to satisfy.  Most are born with this sense of something is missing in their life.  They are correct. 

When the void is being filled with human desires, the missing pieces seems to grow larger.  Why? Because human endeavors will never complete the human picture.  The soul has not been recognized as the integral aspect of a person, not the human vessel.  This vehicle dies and is recycled.  The soul never dies.  They live in eternal framework.  The spirit stays connected to the spiritual realm.  This is a socket connecting the soul to the most high.  This joining is never separated.

The human does not recognize this aspect unless a conscious effort is practiced.  This is not just a rote prayer said on Sunday.  This is much, much more.  It is the awareness that the Creator of you and all life is life.  Closer than the air you breathe in to stay alive.  That this essence is pure love that a human cannot grasp its true nature. You are an expression of the Almighty.  You are complete.

*The focus becomes more of experiencing the Divine through loving self as the Most High loves you and all life.  The lack people feel is the lack of true self love.  There are conditions that need to be met until the true nature of life and how God is reality is internalized and understood; people will try to fill the void externally.  Life is but a mirror reflecting areas of love that are missing in your foundation.  If there is a sense of incompleteness unless something is obtained, find out what this lesson is trying to uncover for you.

Does this mean there is never a desire for improvement? Of course, there is.  A human is built with a chip to strive towards goals but these desires are never expected to satisfy a spiritual hunger.  Live knowing life’s goal is to assist one in developing a spiritual self love.  The goal of the soul is to unfold into the same frequency as God resides within.  This holds all colors of life.  If one has a human desire, see if it represents a teacher for self love.  If it is just a human comfort, enjoy the experience.  There will be no guilt for the energy is not causing negative energy.  When one’s connection to the Most High becomes more firmly recognized,  Less material gain is sought with the feeling the object will make you more whole.

*You cannot be any more complete. You are a finger or expression of the Almighty. Nothing else is needed. No human trappings will suffice.

          Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

          You are welcome, little one, in the love that is complete.

Allow this connection to shine out.