Savor Each Moment

Savor Each Moment

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to savor each moment in its Divine uniqueness.

We spend much of our lives rushing around trying to check things off our lists. We never get everything done. We spend much of our lives thinking that something is missing in this moment. That other people are having more fun. That when something happens, then we will begin to savor life. But that goal keeps getting pushed back. Please help us to savor the now, in whatever state we are in, with whomever we are with. Please help us to “love what is” and consider the now to be perfect. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


            Every moment is unique. There has never been an exact moment because the cells of life were not in that exact pattern. Do you realize breathing is like snow flakes. No two snowflakes are completely identical. A breath of life is uniquely its own substance. Man’s brain can only absorb so much of life before it shuts down to protect itself. It is as if all were walking around with blinders, taking in a limited amount of reality.

*The more one experiences life with a heart full of gratitude, the clearer the soul can experience God, which is the reason for human existence. The souls want the opportunity to experience and express feeling God at whatever level or dimension. A soul cannot understand a humans feeling of being “ bored”. To label life as anything other than being a gift is the energy of the ego.

*Choose one day of life and experience everything as if this was the first time.

Live every detail as if yesterday’s opportunity was denied. When one wakes up, and the eyes open, there are those in a coma who do not have the ability to control this function. Upon arising, realize the gift of feeling the floor with the feet or foot. For one day, do not live automatically. At the end of one day with this awareness, a person usually has more appreciation for their life and for a brief period of time, they are grateful of the blessings that are realized. The human only has the ability to absorb a limited amount of life. No one is “entitled” to life. That description is found where the mind has allowed ego more access to the thoughts. The ego does not like to say, “thank you”.

*The soul loves to thank the Source of All Life because so many vectors needed to be in alignment in order for manifestation to take place on the planet earth.

*A wise man does not ”tolerate” life or fill the days with busyness. They experience each moment through the eyes of awareness, which leads down the path of Love.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with gratitude.

            You are welcome our little ash.

After a fire, what is left from the burned logs is a pile of ash.  Some look at the “mess” and throw the ashes away.  A wise one knows the pile is a gift from God to revitalize the soil and replenish the dirt with the life force. A log that was used to create heat for a home, now has a new function to help the lifecycle. It can nourish the soil. The human can plant crops with the ash and help make the food healthier.

Let the mind burn away the debris of thoughts until there is just ash left behind. Let God use the ash to strengthen the foundation of your life. Realize, in order to create ash, the fire needs to be hot enough to burn away debris. Ash is a gift from God. Celebrate all the phases that are needed to make ash. It will always be one of a kind, which is used in the universes plans for the soil of eternity.