The Soul’s Emotions & Feelings

A Spiritual Guide?

Dear Wisdom,

Could you explain the souls emotions and feelings? Do they have none until they come to earth and then feel them? Then, do they get to keep the memories?

Thank you, Wisdom!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


All souls were created by God before time.

Some souls lay dormant while others started advancing. They had no human emotions, feelings, or senses. That energy was to be learned on their own for developing individual growth and unique expression.

No souls are exactly alike, just like humans. Soul mates are those which have a common thread that weave together as one in God’s tapestry of life. Souls come to the planet earth to learn about God through feelings. There are other planets that help teach this subject but the souls return to the same classroom, like earth to advance their knowledge. It is similar to having a native language. It is easier to learn in that template then needing to learn a different language every time a new subject is introduced.

Souls also form groups that choose to advance together like what is known as a homeroom. Some souls switch back and forth in era’s in which the muted memories linger in the ethereal plane. That is why some humans have knowledge of the future or are so fascinated by the past.

When the human vessel has completed the souls lesson or helping facilitate another’s challenging path, such as a child dying young, it returns home with new vibration patterns. The soul now has recall and emotions, but they are experienced differently than the human intensity. For a human understanding, it would be like watching an intense movie with no sound. Sound adds drama. Any addition for the soul brings contrast, which adds to their understanding about the Source of All Life. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome, little stinging nettle.

These plants protect themselves with fine hairs, which cause pain to a human who brushes up against the plant with their bare skin. One can neutralize the sensation by rubbing the flesh of fresh fruit on the affected area.

Humans have a form of “stinging nettles” to protect their heart from being hurt emotionally. The enzyme that denatures the pain is called love.

People don’t realize they come with their own healing balm. Self-unconditional love works every time. One can use this treatment for every problem known to man. You just need to use it.