Earn Our Way to Heaven

Earn Our Way to Heaven

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with the concept of earning our way to heaven or earning other people’s love and respect.

For many people for most of their lives, we are programmed to perform or else. Children are taught to behave or lose the love of the parent, the god of their every need. Young adults are taught to get good grades, or help around the house in order to earn the love of parents. Young lovers often play a game of “ let’s make a deal––if you do this for me then I will do that for you.” We are steeped in conditional love. Then we are expected to grasp the meaning of unconditional love. Please help us to break away from the need for earning the love or respect of others to feel loved ourselves.  Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


Only God is the master of unconditional love.

Humans are born with an ego, which helps them survive life on earth.

*The ego is used by the soul for learning lessons to help achieve the goal.

The soul’s purpose is to feel and sense love. Human love uses conditions to define its limits. God’s love has no limits.

*A human who thinks they have to earn their way to heaven is living an illusion, for a soul cannot earn any more love.  It is impossible.

*What the soul is trying to do is develop space by raising its vibration level to absorb more of God. Coming to earth and experience more feelings helps teach different depths of love. A human who does not practice training the ego will learn only selfish love. The more one challenges the ego, the more interference can be eliminated that blocks the higher vibration level. One creates more space for feeling God’s love. All prophets have gone through gauntlets where they battled the ego.

Throughout one’s life, the ego will present opportunities to challenge self for developing a clear signal to God. Human love comes with conditions.

*The soul’s lesson is taming the ego in order to feel love that goes beyond conditions. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome, little glass blower.

A glassblower needs to get the fire hot enough in order to make a pliable substance. When one starts blowing to create an object, they need patience, persistence and strength. One uses the same lessons learned for training the ego. When the ego becomes pliable and tamed, masterpieces will be created.

Become an “ego” blower and create a masterpiece for God.