Develop Ability for Thanksgiving

Develop Ability for Thanksgiving

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to develop our ability for thanksgiving.

“Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turn back, praising God with a loud voice.”  Luke 17:15

We are better at singing praises for our wonderful life, but know that we could use some improvements in this area. We still seem to focus on the missing pieces of the puzzle of our life rather than focusing on the many gifts in our lives. Please help us to become masters at thanksgiving for everything. Thank YOU.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This type of thanksgiving comes from the heart. Most recite thanksgiving with the mind, leaving the emotions at a tepid state. Many do not appreciate what they have until it is gone. Once a person’s health is gone, there is mourning with feeling. What one has is expected. Humans live in the 3rd dimension time frame where there is a past, present, and future.

Even if one doesn’t fully comprehend “ real time” as in the 4th dimensional spiritual time, they act as if it were so. Feelings motivate reactions. One does not limit their belief based on what they consider reality.  One does not refuse to thank God because they stop seeing in their reality. If someone dies, a great loss is felt by loved ones.  Rarely does one comprehend the soul is more alive once they are free of the body. A person can now have interactions through one’s spiritual nature with emotional intensity. One starts relying on their soul for belief in God’s time and emotions through the human aspect.

*The human’s job is to generate feeling. The more intensity, the greater the universe can participate. The more emotions of thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciated for every aspect of one’s life, the greater the level of co-creating one can manifest with God.

In the mind, one first thinks: Are the thoughts positive or negative? Is the base of the scenario of hope or defeat?  Because this lays the foundation for your daydreams. It will affect your aura which draws it’s like energy. Many have referred to this force as a magnet that you are attracting similar particles of energy. When one realizes they have this power, they start living with intention. They move beyond living at a surface level and start intentionally co-creating with God. Life becomes an expression of thanksgiving.
*Build your life based on intention with the base of thanksgiving and gratitude.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, with love and joy.           

            You are welcome our little fan.

A fan blows air in the direction it is pointed. The blades are using energy to move air. Your energy source is God. Let your fan of thoughts move the energy toward your intention. When the fan blades become weighted down with debris and dust, it loses power. Focus on your intentions and move the energy with more power without negative thoughts. Clean the blades of the debris. Live and occurrence of enthusiasm and Thanksgiving. Joy becomes the flow.