Be A Fortress of Joy

Understand the “Christ” in Jesus

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to become a fortress of joy.

“God of joy thriving in me.”  There are hundreds of references to “joy” in Scripture.  Gibran writes in the Prophet “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked…the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”  Happiness seems fleeting and conditional, yet joy is something that, hopefully, we can embrace forever, regardless of circumstances. 

Must we experience sorrow in order to experience joy?  Do parents who shelter their children from sorrow deny the children the potential for joy?  How can we become unassailable repositories of YOUR joy?  Thank You.

Care to comment Wisdom? 


Happiness is human ego based and it is fleeting. 

*Joy is spiritual based and is eternal.  Happiness is formulated with attention to self-desires.  It is something outside of self. 

*Joy is generated from within.  You are connected to the source of all of life, that spark of the Most High which is uniquely your own.  With joy comes the knowledge nothing outside can disturb the waters of life that reside within.  Some people base the emotions on society’s belief what is supposed to make one happy.  Hollywood is a perfect example of those who have everything in the physical world; more money, fame, toys, houses, land, looks that are revered…and yet they are miserable.  You cannot find pure joy in man-made glitter.  This energy is the Christ within activated and bonds the human and spirit together.

Joy is acknowledging the Christ within as your true identity and living life accordingly.  You do not rely solely on the human energy.  The illusion is this belief.  Only you are the truth of life.  One can see, hear, and feel the human vehicle.  They think God should be like form, only bigger with a booming voice of Charleton Heston.  With this belief, happiness is the imitation for joy.  Happiness is fleeting.  The soul is not nourished.  A deep craving develops to be placated with society’s yardstick of importance. This is a fake sense of pride.  Joy is connecting with the true source of your life’s energy.  This power never wavers nor runs out.  You can lean heavily on this truth and draw strength. 

*Joy is constant awareness of the link with the Most High with all you do.  There is no separation.  You are a tentacle or a feeler for the Creator.  Whatever and however life unfolds, you are an expression of the Divine.  God experiences through you.  Life is viewed from a different perspective.  The ego is not supreme.  The ego does not control your joy or how life is valued.  There is peace at the foundation level.  Happiness can die. 

*Joy is eternal.  Happiness can turn to hate.  Joy only unveils more joy.  If life is lived with the insight of the Lord Within as the true compass, all experiences are viewed as opportunities to submerge deeper into the ocean of the Creator’s essence of love.  Joy is to live in love with reality.  Reality is God’s field for soul’s playing and practicing the games.  The goal is to raise the vibration energy to grow closer to the frequency of the Creator.  You realize there is no separation or combatants on God’s team.  All are moving toward the same goal. 

*Joy is sensing the connection with all forms of life.  The deeper this awareness, the more placid the waters of life becomes.  You stop being a cork bobbing from one experience to another reflecting human vision that sees only the ego’s desires.  Seeking society’s happiness never penetrates to the core of the soul.  You can have all the gold, or land in the world and still feel empty.  This is surface pleasure.  You can have sex with all beautiful women and still crave more.  If one lives with joy as their power source, they can have nothing that society values and be content, full of joy.  They realize they are just playing a game with the Lord.  This reality holds a treasure to unlocking more self-love.  The insight is buried beneath the clutter of the human personality.  Know the truth to set you free.  You are more than the human vessel and personality that goes with the structure.  *Joy comes when one starts living from the true current of the Almighty’s essence.  Awaken to this truth and forever live in a state of joy.

            Thank you so much Wisdom, with a joyful heart.  

            You are welcome, precious petal. 

In the love that saturates all life.  Wake up to the truth: you are part of all and all is part of you.